Riding an Electric Bike for the First Time: Ebike Riding Tips for Beginners

Riding an electric bike is enjoyable and exciting, as electric bikes include an electric motor that adds up power when you pedal. This advanced innovation seems like a great way to wander around town, exercise, and go to work.

An electric bike might closely resemble a regular bike; however, the bike could grab high speed just because of additional electrical assistance. Inexperienced riders while handling a high-speed electric bike could lose balance and bang into an object.

Hence, new riders might practice before riding an electric bike for the first time over the road. Let’s discuss the ebike riding tips for beginners.

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What is an Electric Bike? All Classes of Ebikes Explained

An electric bike is an upgraded version of a regular bike that almost everyone has grown up riding. Although there are varying types of similarities between regular and electric bikes, there also are varying types of differences that could trigger your feeling while riding an electric bike.

Moreover, the design of an electric bike is almost similar to a regular bike, but its ride and working mechanism differ. Unlike a regular bike that usually needs a rider to practice control and balance, riding an electric bike could be a new and challenging experience for various new riders.

Due to this, riding an electric bike for the first time possesses certain legal rules and regulations that a regular bike doesn’t include. An Ebike possesses an electric battery that appropriately supplies electrical resistance to tires, which permits the bike to gain momentum and speed.

The Ebike system provides a varying type of mode to select from, permitting the rider to balance power supplied via pedals along with the battery life and range of the bike.

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Furthermore, Ebikes include varying types of classes that ensure the riders select appropriate bikes. Let’s dive into the details of Ebike’s classes.

legal electric bike classifications

Class 1 Electric Bike

Class 1 e-bikes come under the first class of electric bikes that are allowed to ride over bike paths and public roads. This Ebike class allows the rider to pedal just to use the motor, and during pedalling motor kicks in to properly assist the rider’s hard work.

The maximum speed of class 1 Ebike is 20mph, and for this class of Ebike, there is no requirement for a driver’s license along with no age limit.

Moreover, this class of electric bikes is an ideal option for those who desire to ride conventional bikes along with some extra support to drive long distances. This class of electric bikes is considered to be the most affordable option among all other classes.

Class 2 Electric Bike

Class 2 Ebike includes a motor that is entirely controlled by a throttle. With this class of Ebike, you don’t require to pedal for motor engagement, and just require to turn on the throttle.

The maximum speed of a class 2 e-bike is around 20mph (same as class 1 eBikes), and it doesn’t require a driver’s license and has no age limit. When it comes to class-2 ebike, the 350w electric bike is great for achieving a maximum speed of 20-25 miles on plain roads.

Class 2 e-bikes are a great option as it allows riders to get exercise and commute to work, and riders could save on parking, gas, and vehicle general wear and tear.

This type of ebike would cost you a little more than class 1 e-bikes, but these bikes are worth the investment if you are looking for an option to go to work.

Class 3 Electric Bike

Class 3 electric bike is taken as the fastest legal electric bike that has a maximum speed of almost 28mph. According to law, a class 3 ebike is still legally considered a bike so it doesn’t need any license plate or a driver’s license.

But, to ride a class 3 e-bike, riders must be 17 or older than that and a helmet is crucial to wear while riding. Furthermore, class 3 e-bikes are a perfect option for those who desire to travel long distances.

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How to Start an Electric Bike? Step by Step

Starting an electric bike could be a confusing task for riders riding an electric bike for the first time, so here comes the points that would provide information about how to start the ebike if you don’t know.

how to start an electric bike

Step 1: Before starting the ebike, make sure that the e-bike is assembled, battery charged, and tires inflated.

Step 2: Firstly, insert the battery if not inserted, and to insert it, just slide the battery into the ebike. But, for proper insertion, turn on the key, and then remove it.

Step 3: After battery insertion, switch on the battery from the back by just flipping over the switch. As of now, the bike’s battery is ready to go, but its motor is still in off mode.

Step 4: Now, turn on the motor, but make sure to properly mount the ebike along with helmets on.

Step 5: Turn on the ebike, you need to hold down the power button and wait for the display to light up. Through this, you could view the battery level.

Step 6: After that, start with pedal assistance level one, as it would be a better option, to begin if you are new to ebike riding. You can use pedal or throttle mode as well.

It’s pretty simple to start an e-bike.

Note: Methods can be different for some other/New ebike models. So, please read the user manual before riding an ebike for the first time.

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How to Operate an Electric Bike? Very Important for Beginners

Operating an ebike for beginners can be confusing but it’s easy! Make use of an e-bike just as you use a conventional bike. Take the electric bike on casual rides, on long country trips, or at work. Moreover, making use of the electric motor’s power would help riders to tackle hills.

Ensure to smartly combine mechanical and electrical gears for riding. Ebikes are an ideal option for commuting and the best way for anyone to go outside in fresh and calming air. Ebikes make use of motors to assist pedal movement, which allows less taxing of bike riding.

types of ebike motors

Generally, An e-bike includes a motor situated either centrally on the bike or rear or front hub, and a hub-based motor would push the wheel around. An axle-mounted motor would work via the electric bike’s gears and chain.

During pedalling, a torque sensor would measure how much effort riders are putting in and match the effort to the motor’s output power. The bike’s motor would not take over completely, rather, you need to get consistent power delivery that would not allow the bike’s forward lurching.

Ebike attains its power from a battery that might be mounted on the frame’s outside position or hidden within it. Certain types of batteries could be removed for charging purposes, although certain others need charging over the bike only. In that situation, riders are required to park their bikes near the power socket.

The bike also includes a controller that is mounted on the handlebar or integrated within a frame. Via controller, you could decide how much assistance you require, and allow you to keep track of battery level.

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How to Ride a Pedal Assist eBike? Learn the Basics

Pedal assist is one of the best features that an ebike has. It makes your pedalling process easier and effortless. Therefore, pedal assist is a great option if you want to decrease the impact on your knees because it gives you that added boost that means less effort when pedalling.

Pedal assist is exactly what assists you while you’re pedalling. It has an assist level from one to five. Indicating one is the lower assistance level and five is the higher one.

All you need to do is, switch on your ebike, and start pedalling after about the first stroke you will feel the motor kick in and give you a little boost. If it’s your first time trying it out it can be a little surprising but it’s always so much fun. 

So, if you are just at pedal assist level 1 it’s going to be a slight boost, you will get a little faster but if you are tackling something like hills then you should set it to level 5, it will definitely give you a lot of power and make pedalling essentially effortless.

Is It Easy to ride an electric bike as a beginner?

Riding an electric bike for the first time could be troublesome and hard as riders are not aware of its functions. But, there are varying types of e-bikes of varying brands that entirely suit beginners.

With the help of electric motors, e-bikes provide a sense of security to every rider and allow every rider to move further in their journey rapidly.

Moreover, electric bike riding could be a proven way to enhance one’s fitness. And, once you know about the working of an e-bike it becomes easier to ride an e-bike.

Is It Hard to ride an electric bike for the first time?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer as to whether electric bikes are hard to ride or not. For that, you require to consider varying types of factors during determining whether you find the bike complicated.

Ebikes might be very heavy and could make riding hard. The e-bikes could weigh more than any regular bike, usually around 50 pounds or more than that. Due to its weight, certain riders could find it hard to ride an e-bike.

However, it would become easy to ride if you ride the bike with full charging. To get more comfortable with riding, you need to practice more and more.

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How to Ride an Electric Bike for the First Time: Safety Tips

Riding an e-bike is enjoyable, is better for health, and is good exercise and it provides the riders with a fresh and captivating atmosphere. Riding an e-bike could be a unique experience that varies from a regular bike, especially for riders who are riding an electric bike for the first time.

Although there are certain similarities between a conventional and an electric bike, there are certain details that could be different and need paying attention to. But, before starting your exciting trip, you must read through some tips to ride an ebike for the first time:

1. Know how your ebike works (Basics)

how do ebike work

Electric bikes possess throttle and pedal assistance, and riders require to get acquainted with your ebike model, like how the bike works, how to operate, how to ride & stop, and when to use the bike.

Pedal assist or throttle mode would help you to ride on varying terrains without more effort. Also, E-Brakes would stop your ebike smoothly.

2. Start at a slow speed

As you know ebikes have high speeds compared to normal bikes. They reach 20km/h without much effort of pedaling. Being a beginner, you should start riding your ebike at a slow speed so that you learn how to ride them properly and would be able to maintain balance and stability at only low speed.

Also, riding at low speed would keep you safe, and you would be able to stop your bike whenever needed. So, if you riding an ebike for the first time, start slow.

3. Charging and recharging the battery

The bike’s battery is a crucial component that entirely separates an electric bike from a regular bike. Moreover, the battery is an expensive component to replace when something goes wrong with it.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to know how to charge the battery, how long to charge the ebike battery, and how to maintain it for better performance. It is recommended to keep your bike’s battery entirely charged for your trip.

4. Checking the tire pressure regularly

Before heading towards your trip, make sure that your electric bike tires are properly inflated. If the tires remain slightly deflated, riders could experience a slow speed rate that could lead to blowing out or could even lead to an accident.

Moreover, checking tire pressure could help in enhancing your ebike’s range. The standard tire pressure for an electric bike is somewhere between 2 to 2.4 bars (30 to 40 psi).

5. Understand the brakes of the ebike and apply them accordingly

Ebikes are heavier than non-electric bikes because motors and batter add some extra pounds to them. They have high speed so the braking becomes very crucial when it comes to stopping an electric bike.

Firstly, you need to understand which kind of brakes does your ebike have and how to apply them and when? Is it Mechanical or Hydraulic disc brakes?

Always check whether your ebike has a braking sensor while shopping for an electric bike. And also learn how much to pull the brake lever to stop your bike.

Not only hard braking could cause premature wear and tear on your ebike, but you would also lower your electric bike’s overall range. Therefore, it is suggested to make use of brakes whenever necessary.

And, whenever you witness a stop sign, try to lower your speed slowly and apply brakes as hard as needed just to reach a smooth stop.

6. Always wear a bike helmet

Wearing a helmet is always recommended whether you ride an ebike or a conventional bicycle. Because a bike helmet would keep your head safe if you met with an accident.

Ebikes have high speeds as compared to non-electric bikes, it becomes more important for you to wear the right size bike helmet.

7. Make yourself visible to other vehicles

You are not the only one who is riding on the road so make yourself seen on the roads by other vehicles. Majority of the accident cases involve cyclists.

Therefore, your ebike should have reflectors, a bright headlight, a tail light for riding at night, and a nice bike bell or a horn. Also, maintain a proper distance from other vehicles for more safety.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ride an Ebike for the First Time

Q1. Can a beginner ride an electric bike?

Yes, a beginner can ride an electric bike. Riding an ebike is almost the same as a normal bicycle ride. You just have to understand the basics that how an electric bicycle works and is operated. Start riding a commuting eclectic bike with single-speed gears if you are a beginner. Don’t start with electric MTB, Electric road bikes, etc in beginning.

Q2. Can you ride an electric bike without knowing how to ride a normal bike?

Well, It’s tough to ride an electric bike when you don’t know how to ride a normal bike. You can ride because it’s not impossible. You will face some trouble while operating the bicycle as it is an e-bike and also maintaining balance.

Because you are new to cycling and you don’t know how to ride a two-wheeled vehicle. After proper training and practice, you can easily ride an ebike without knowing how to ride a normal bike.

Q3. Can you ride an ebike without pedaling?

Yes, you can ride an ebike without pedaling because one of the special features of an electric bike is Throttle. By using this feature you can easily ride your bike without pedaling.

You just need to push a lever (located at the handlebar), and the moment when you use the throttle (twist or thumb throttles), the electric motor does its work. You don’t need to pedal your ebike to move forward.

Q4. Can electric bikes be ridden manually?

Yes. you can ride an electric bike like a normal bike because an electric bike has the same features which a traditional bicycle has. The only thing is the motor and battery which makes them electric.

Whenever the battery is discharged and you don’t have any other option then the best way is to ride the ebike manually just like normal bikes. It’s beneficial for you, You will lose more calories because they are not lightweight as traditional bikes because the motor and battery add extra weight to the ebike.

Q5. Are electric bikes OK in the rain?

Yes, riding an electric bike in the rain is perfectly fine because the majority of e-bikes (battery & motor) are waterproof. Hence, they are safe in winter as well as in bad weather. Always check whether your ebike can be ridden in the rain or not while choosing an electric bike.

Conclusion: Are you ready to start your journey with an ebike?

Ebikes are a better option for the planet as these bikes don’t produce pollutants while riding. Moreover, it is considered a healthy option for everyone as you require to use your power for riding, which would enhance your cardiovascular fitness.

Riding an electric bike for the first time could be exciting, but make sure to follow road rules to achieve safety knowledge. So what are you waiting for? get an electric bike and hit the road.

If you have any questions or anything we forgot to add. Please comment below in the comment section. We would respond as soon as possible. Share this article with your friends who are riding an ebike for the first time.

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