Should You Buy an Electric Bike or a Regular Bike in 2023 | Your Questions Answered

According to Bloomberg Report, Electric bike sales have shot up since the pandemic started with retailers reporting up to 200% increases. Electric bikes are becoming a popular alternative for people looking to avoid public transport, especially commuters. So the question arises, should you buy an electric bike or a regular bike in 2023? Which one is better for you?

Our lives are returning to a new version and the government is supporting cycling more than ever before. This is part one of a bigger 2 billion pound govt pledge for cycling and pedestrian initiatives.

So there is certainly a big push to make our roads more cycling friendly right now. So how does an electric bike compare to a regular one? Let’s find out

E-Bike vs Normal Bike


Yes, e-bikes are more expensive going from around $500 but averaging at about $1500 but like regular bikes, they are eligible for the cycle-to-work scheme. So you might be able to get one tax-free through your employer. 

You could pick up a decent commuter bike for around $300 but with an electric bike extra cost is charged to get a motor.

E-bikes are pedal-assist, which means they only power the bike when you are pedaling. So you still need to put in work but you can change the amount of support it gives.

This means you can up the power to take the strain of long journeys and steep routes and potentially avoid working up a sweat but also lower it if you want more of a workout and using less power will of course save the battery too.

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If you’re 14 or older and have an ebike that meets certain requirements, including having a maximum power of 250 watts and a maximum power speed of 15 miles per hour, you’re free to ride them anywhere.

If it doesn’t meet the criteria which can be found on govt website here, you will need a license to ride as well as tax and insurance. So it’s an important factor to consider.


Now, apart from the motor the other main difference with electric bikes is the weight. Electric Bikes can be twice as heavy as regular ones.

You won’t feel this when you are riding with the help of the motor but if you are out and about and the battery dies it will be much harder to pedal and weight could be an issue if you have to take it up a flight of stairs every day.

And because e-bikes cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, if you are going to get one you should think about listing it on your contents insurance.


In terms of powering an electric bike, they have lithium-ion batteries which can be charged usually by just removing the battery and plugging it into your mains, charging can be done in a few hours.

A fully charged bike normally gives a riding range of between 50 kilometres and 150 or more depending on the level of power you use. If you run out of charge you can continue to ride without the motor assistance.

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Are Electric Bikes Green Choice?

Should I buy an electric bike in 2023

Now the motor means that electric bikes are obviously not as green as regular bikes but they are still considered a green choice.

If we compare electric bike lifecycle greenhouse emissions to a car, ebikes have co2e emissions of about 22 grams for each kilometre cycled compared to about 271 grams per passenger per kilometre by car but bear in mind that an ebike battery won’t last you forever.

They can run for a few years but eventually need replacing and they usually cost upwards of a couple of hundred dollars.

Plus, it can be difficult to recycle the used ebike battery so when you are considering different models check how much a replacement battery costs if the retailer offers a recycling program.

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Conclusion on Should You Buy an Electric Bike or Regular Bike in 2023

For a new wave of cyclists looking to avoid public transport or take up a green travel alternative, electric bikes do tick a lot of boxes allowing you to be active with the luxury of motor assistance but they are of course costly while you get them from around $500 dollar, at this price you will be looking at a basic model and for an e-bike, with a better system, you can expect to pay from a thousand upwards.

If you still have questions regarding whether Should I buy an electric bike or a regular bike in 2023 then feel free to ask in the comment section, I would happy to answer your queries.

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