How Fast Can a 48V Electric Bike Go? Let’s Find Out the Top Speed in MPH

Riding an electric bike is great if it provides excellent speed along with safety. That’s why 48v electric bikes are one of the widely used ebikes as it runs fast at low charging cost. But, how fast can a 48v electric bike go?

To know the answer, you need to understand what is a 48-volt electric bike. Also, the ebike speed depends upon many factors such as motor wattage, rider’s weight, type of place, etc.

It’s true that the Higher voltage indeed gives more speed and the lower voltage gives less speed. Therefore, the 48v ebike has more speed than the 36v ebike top speed.

Are you curious to know more about the speed potential and the efficiency of a 48V ebike? Look no further! Dive into our article for the full scoop.

What is a 48V Electric Bike?

An electric bicycle with a 48V battery and motor (500w, 750w, 1000w, or 1500w) is known as a 48V ebike. These bikes are turning out to be progressively famous because of their capacity to travel farther and quicker than ordinary bikes.

Let’s see how an electric bike works and the features of a 48v ebike:

  • As you already know an electric bike has some electric components such as a battery, motor, controller, etc.
  • Generally, ebikes have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which supply the power to the motor, it comes with various volts ranging from 24 volts to 72 volts. Amp-hours range from 10Ah to 40 AH.
  • A higher voltage battery provides more power to the ebike motor, resulting in higher speeds. Whereas a higher Ah battery provides a longer range.
  • Most ebikes are equipped with 48v batteries as they provide good speed & longer range as well as charge in less time.
  • 48v ebikes have different wattage motors such as 500w, 750w & 1000w. And these ratings play a crucial role in terms of performance.
  • Further, the controller of the ebike manages the ebike speed and restricts the bike from crossing its legal speed limit.
  • Mostly 48v electric bikes have 500-watt & 750-watt motors offering better speed and torque.
  • The top speed of a 48v electric bike with a 500W & 750W motor is up to 28 miles per hour on plane roads. But, It varies from place to place.

Therefore, electric bikes with 48v batteries and motors are the best option for commuting, covering long distances, hill climbing, etc. If you need an ebike for all kinds of purposes in less amount of investment, go with a 48v electric bike.

How Fast Can a 48v Electric Bike Go?

An electric bike with a 48v battery and motor is a powerful and all-purpose electric bike. Generally, this ebike comes with different motor sizes i.e., 500w, 750w & 1000w. Let’s see the top speed of a 48v ebike with various motor wattages:

How fast does a 48v 500w ebike go?

It is possible to reach speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h) with a 48V 500W ebike. Also, the ebike speed will depend on a variety of factors, including terrain, weather, and rider weight. Learn more about 500w ebike top speed with different volts.

How fast is a 48v 750w electric bike?

An electric bike with a 48v 750w motor provides very strong power with a top speed of around 28-32 mph on flat surfaces with no wind resistance. This speed will be less than 20 mph on hills. Learn more about the speed potential of a 750w ebike.

How fast can a 48v 1000w electric bike go?

Do you know how fast does a 48v 1000w electric bike go? A 48v ebike with a 1000w motor is a very powerful combination on an electric bike.

This type of electric bike can reach a top speed of up to 38 mph (61 km/h) on paved roads with no wind resistance. This speed may vary on different types of terrains.

Learn more about 1000w electric bike top speed.

Factors Affecting 48v Electric Bike Speed

As I mentioned earlier that your ebike speed depends on many factors. Let’s see those factors and understand them one by one.

1. Road Condition

While it is common to reach speeds of more than 30 mph on paved. But, it isn’t easy to get the same speed on rough terrain. This is the territory where you might confront a hindrance like sand, stone, or mud. Because of inclement weather, the road can sometimes be covered in mud and water splashes.

In particularly hilly areas, riding uphill also prevents your bike from gaining top speed. Where there are likely to be many turns with off-road terrain.

How might anyone go so quickly around here? However, going downhill makes it much simpler to reach a higher speed on 48v ebikes.

2. The tire size of your ebike

Tire size and thickness play a crucial role in terms of ebike speed. Generally, 48v electric bikes have normal size tires (26 to 29 inches) with around 2.4 inches of thickness. This type of tire provides good speed on roads.

However, if your ebike has thick and small size tires, you will get less speed. Consider going with medium-size tires or with thin tires if you want to get more speed on your 48v electric bike.

3. Weather condition 

Bad weather can also limit the speed of your bike in a variety of ways. For instance, if you ride an electric bicycle in freezing or hot weather, the battery power and performance will be reduced. Alternately, excessive humidity can affect the battery and a powerful vehicle’s regular operation.

In addition, the wind coming from the opposite dissection may also lower your average speed. since you are about to ride it in a typical setting. However, numerous specialists think about this reason as a typical issue these days.

4. Load or weight on the bike

Each bike has the greatest burden limit, whether it’s a standard or electric one. You may experience slower speed if your weight is greater than the prescribed limit. Keep in mind that the combined weight of you and your belongings does not exceed the limit.

5. Motor type and its wattage

Ebike motor type and its wattage also affect the 48v ebike top speed. There are two types of motors on ebike i.e., hub motor and mid-drive motor.

A Hub motor is attached to the rear/front wheel of the ebike whereas a mid-drive motor is attached to the crank of the ebike. 48v ebike with a mid-drive motor provides more speed than a hub motor ebike.

Motors of ebikes have wattage which ranges from 250w, 350w, 500w, 750w, 1000w, and so on. Higher motor wattage provides more speed if the motor is paired with the correct size battery.

48v 500w ebike offers less speed and torque than a 48v 750w ebike motor.

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6. Battery capacity

The ebike battery plays a very important role while determining the ebike speed as it is the power source for your ebike. Batteries have voltage and Amp-hours, when we multiply these two, we get watt-hours.

Batteries with higher watt-hours supply the optimal power for a long time that gives more speed and longer range. A 48v battery is one of the most powerful batteries, that’s why it is mostly paired with 500w and 750w ebike motors.

7. Strength of the rider 

The fitness of the rider also influences the ebike speed. If the ebike rider is lightweight with strong leg muscles, he/she can pedal more forcefully which will increase the ebike speed.

I hope you have understood all the above-mentioned factors which can affect your 48v ebike speed, do remember the above points if you want to enjoy high speeds on your 48-volt electric bike.

3 Efficient Ways to Make Your 48v Ebike Go Faster

You can make your ebike go faster in a few different ways and they are:

1. Keep your ebike battery energized (charged)

Always keep your e-bicycle battery charged, particularly after an outing or on an excursion. Your motor will naturally run faster when the battery state is higher.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should always charge your battery at least 80 percent. However, there are times when unplugging the charging adapter in a hurry is acceptable.

2. Choose a higher-voltage battery

You know the speed of the electric bike motors is influenced by the battery voltage, you can get a faster speed from a powerful battery. It means if you upgrade the battery pack’s current voltage, such as from 48 volts to 52 volts, your ebike speed will increase.

But! But! Make sure to ensure that your controller and motor are compatible with the higher-voltage battery. Therefore, before proceeding, the best method is to check the volt ratings.

3. Upgrade the tires on your ebike

Thin tires have less road resistance which increases the ebike speed whereas thick tires reduce the ebike speed. But thin tires are good for paved roads but not good for off-roads. What to do?

Consider going with medium-thick tires which perform on all types of terrain, also increase the tire pressure when you are riding on plane roads to increase your ebike speed by 2 to 3 mph.

Wrapping Up: 48v Electric Bike Top Speed

I hope you have understood the 48v electric bike top speed with various motor wattages on different surfaces. I have also explained the factors that influence your 48-volt ebike speed.

We also talked about the important features that a 48v electric bike should have. If you feel that your 48v ebike is not going as fast as it should, you can try the steps we mentioned above to make it go faster.

If you have any questions, you can write in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the maximum range of a 48v electric bike?

The range of an ebike depends upon the battery capacity i.e., Amp-hours (AH). 48v battery with higher AH provides more range. Most 48v electric bikes have a 15Ah battery and the range of this size battery is around 30-50 miles on a single charge.

Q2. Is it safe to ride a 48v electric bike on public roads?

Yes, riding a 48v electric bike on public roads is safe as it is road-legal. You just have to follow the traffic rules and wear a helmet for your safety.

Q3. Are 48-volt electric bikes legal in the USA?

Yes, 48v electric bikes with up to 750-watt motors are legal to ride in the USA. There are some states where you can ride up to 1000w ebike too. So check the legal restrictions for ebikes in your state.

Q4. Is it safe to ride a 48v ebike on trails and off-road terrain?

Yes, It’s totally safe to ride a 48v 750w ebike on trails and off-road terrain as this bike is mostly used for this kind of purpose. Just make sure you are wearing a HELMET while riding on trails.

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