How Fast Can a 2000w Ebike Go? (2000-Watt Actual & Potential Speed)

Lately, electric bikes have come out as a revolutionary alternative for both commuting and exercising. The features, ability to navigate difficult terrains with ease, and its wide range of speed variations not only made e-bikes a favorite amongst riders but also activated non-riders to make this shift.

However, this wide range of speed variation brings along quite a few questions such as:

  • How fast can a 2000w ebike go?
  • How much does the speed vary from one kind of trail to another?
  • Does the motor type affect the speed? And so on.

In this detailed article, we will be discussing the same and understanding the speed variation of a 2000W electric bike.

If you own a different-wattage ebike (1000w or 1500w), make sure to read our general guide on electric bike speed, which will let you know how fast can your ebike go on various surfaces.

2000-Watt Electric Bike: Overview

An electric bike with a 2000-watt motor and battery is considered a 2000w ebike. It’s one of the most powerful ebikes for riding at fast speeds with excellent torque. However, this bike is very heavy that’s why it is expensive.

Do remember that this bike is not road-legal in most of the states of the USA. Any ebike above 750 watts is classified as an e-scooter, moped or e-motorbike. Therefore, you need a license, registration number, insurance, etc.

Who should ride a 2000w electric bike?

As I have already mentioned above this bike is very powerful so don’t buy this bike for commuting. If you want an ebike for commuting purposes go with a 250w or 350w electric bike.

The top speed of a 2000w ebike is around 40-45 miles per hour which is good for those who love riding at fast speed and want to reach their destination quickly. As well as this ebike is best suitable for hunting, and adventurous rides.

Another electric bike with a 3000-watt motor has a very fast speed that can conquer any kind of trail, you can go with this bike too. Learn more about the speed potential of a 3000w ebike over 2000w ebike top speed.

In case, if you have a 2000w ebike: How Fast Can a 1500-Watt Ebike Go?

How Fast Can a 2000W Ebike Go?

2000 watt electric bike top speed

A 2000w e-bike is naturally equipped with a higher-power motor (2000-watts output power) which is further assisted with the right battery capacity that consistently powers the drive of the motor.

Therefore, the speed of an electric bike with a 2000-watt motor is around 40 to 45 mph on flat surfaces if the bike is paired with the correct voltage battery.

However, this speed may vary depending on the rider’s weight, country’s law, bike type, battery size, motor type, and so on. Adding to that, 2000W e-bikes typically have other features that are designed especially to enhance the bike’s performance.

These features of a 2000W indeed work together and help you hit some of the highest speeds for an electric bike under normal riding situations.

Always remember, when I am talking about the fastest achievable speed on a 2000W e-bike under neutral conditions we take into consideration the suspension systems, disc brakes, and advanced electronics along with the trail conditions that have an equal or not more role to play in reaching the fastest speed on a 2000W e-bike.

If you are worried about your 1500-watt electric bike’s top speed, make sure to read our guide on how fast can a 1000w ebike goes!

Apart from this, it is important to understand that there are two different aspects of “the fastest speed”, one being the true potential fastest speed and another the actual fastest speed.

Let’s evaluate the two aspects of the 2000w electric bike top speed.

Potential Fastest SpeedActual Fastest Speed
The potential speed of a 2000-watt e-bike is its true speed achievable under optimal conditions.

The potential fastest speed of a 2000W e-bike with a correct size battery is 45 to 50 mph.
Actual speed is the speed achievable under real-world riding situations like traffic, safety, or road conditions.

The actual fastest speed of a 2000w e-bike is comparatively lower, around 40 to 45 mph than the potential speed.

Moreover, we feel like the cyclist has quoted this fastest speed concern on e-bikes beautifully which goes by “ The fastest speed is the legal speed”, which is something we advise to look into your country’s e-bike speed limit.

Major Factors Affecting the 2000W Ebike’s Speed

It is evident to say that we can only go to the fastest actual speed on our 2000W e-bikes at any possible time. So, what riders aim at is hitting that fastest speed mark for suiting their off-road ridings like mountain biking or dirt biking.

These rides demand various trail situations and variations in the motor type preference which is yet another important factor that affects a 2000W e-bike’s speed.

Hence, we are going to analyze the 2000w ebike top speed on multiple tracks and also different motor types.


2000W e-bikes are widely used by professional riders for adventurous rides. What adventurous rides call for is the irregularity of the riding paths.

Trail TypeCharacteristicsTop Speed
Flat SurfacesThe conditions for a flat surface are smooth road textures, less friction, and no depths.A 2000W e-bike’s speed is excellent on flat surfaces itself. Say, the same 40 to 45 mph of actual speed.
Uphill( inclined) SurfacesConditions where the terrain’s elevation increases over a distance.

Uplills- 5% of slope grade, steep uphill- 10% of slope grade.
The top speed you can reach on inclined surfaces like moderate hills is quite low.

Generally, the top speed of 2000W is 10 to 20 mph.
Downhill RoadThe degree of steepness allows acceleration without any external forces applied.

It might vary from slight to steeper.
Downhill roads are probably the ideal case where you can reach the fastest speed on a 2000W e-bike.

It can go anywhere between 50 to 60 mph depending on the steep degree.

Motor Type

The kind of motor you are operating on is one of the fundamental factors that affect your 2000W e-bike’s speed. However, the difference in the fastest speed achieved is relatively smaller they truly reflect their performance quality on difficult terrains, extreme weather conditions, and so on.

Motor TypeCharacteristicsTop Speed
Hub Motors Simple and quiet. Has a fixed gear ratio, limiting the top speed potential. They are quite affordable.The fastest you can go in a 2000W e-bike assisted by a hub motor is not much but significantly lower than the actual fastest speed i.e. 40 to 42 mph.
Mid Drive MotorsHas more torque to offer that is best suited for rough trails. It is efficient assistance for your e-bike’s gearing system. They are comparatively expensive.Whereas, using a mid-drive motor could bring out the utmost capability and performance of your 2000W e-bike and actually hit the extreme of the fastest speed range i.e. 43 to 45 mph.
If your ebike has 60v battery: 60-volt ebike battery charging time!

Does Pedal Assist Truly Influence Top Speed of 2000W E-Bike?

It is only logical that an added external push or in contrast the break-off of the same force will affect an accelerating body’s speed. Similarly, the pedal assist plays a significant role in the top speed of a 2000W e-bike.

Whenever the pedal assist mode is used by riders, a 2000W motor provides additional power to help in the rider’s pedaling. Now what truly matters is the level of assistance being used.

Naturally, using a higher level comes with higher assistance and in return higher speeds.

Hence, even after hitting the top speed of your 2000W e-bike, you could think of pushing its limits by carefully using pedal assistance.

Conclusion on 2000w Electric Bike Top Speed

As we saw a 2000W e-bike can go as fast as 45 miles per hour on average but there’s a lot more that goes behind a ride to achieve that ideal fast speed.

We also emphasize that “fastest speed” varies from one riding scenario to another depending on cyclists and the cycling trails.

Anyway, we gave our best to bring forward the fundamentals of understanding the speed mechanics of a 2000w ebike, and hope it helps you in your rides!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How fast does a 48v 2000w ebike go?

Most 2000-watt ebike motors have 48 volts which is quite powerful and capable enough for getting a top speed of up to 43 miles per hour on plane roads. It’s only possible when it is paired with a 48v battery. Learn more about 48v ebike top speed.

Q2. How fast can a 72V 3000W ebike go?

Well, this combination is very powerful for an ebike, the top speed of this bike can easily beat the car’s average speed i.e., 55 mph if paired with a 72v ebike battery.

Q3. Do I need a license to ride a 2000w electric bike?

Yes, you must need a license to ride a 2000w electric bike in the USA (almost all countries) as it is classified as a motor vehicle, not a pedal-assisted electric bicycle. You are bound to follow all the traffic rules if you are riding a 2000w ebike.

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