What is the Best Battery Size for Your 2000W E-Bike? Find Out Now!

Who would have thought that e-bike could power such high-capacity motors and just take the whole cycling experience to a new level where you can enjoy high-speed and smooth rides without compromising on any other features?

However, what hampers this experience is battery management. Most 2000w e-bike users don’t know what size battery for 2000w ebike that’s why they don’t get excellent speed and performance.

Let’s face it powering such a high-power motor is no joke especially when external factors like temperature, trail, and riding hours are constantly fluctuating.

We have already written about 1500w ebike battery size. In this article, we are going to discuss the correct battery size for a 2000w ebike motor and learn how we could excel in the battery size choice and its management for a 2000W electric bike.

Are you having lots of ebikes with different wattages? No worry! We have covered a detailed guide on what size battery is best for electric bikes (250W-10000W).

Specifications of a Battery to Power a 2000W Ebike

2000w ebike motor needs 52v 40ah battery for excellent performance

Ideally, an electric bike with a 2000 watts motor needs a battery that is capable of supplying 2000 watts of output power to the motor so that the motor can utilize its full potential.

The motor power is probably the only thing we evaluate while deciding upon a battery size for your e-bike. However, there’s a lot more that goes behind it if you truly want to derive your 2000W e-bike’s utmost efficiency.

1. Pedal assist level affects the battery size

Apart from the motor power range, there’s one very specific component that we tend to miss out on. The pedal assist! Yes, have you ever thought why your e-bike battery drains faster as you switch to pedal-assist mode?

The reason behind this is nothing more than just a simple explanation that the motor consumes more power from the battery the higher your pedal assisting speed. This in return leads your e-bike battery to generate a shorter power range per charge.

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2. Higher wattage motor needs more battery power

Moreover, it is always a smart move to filter through the supportive components of your e-bike and understand what role they play in the functioning of your battery’s performance.

Doing this only increases your high-power e-bike (like a 2000W one)’s chances to have more enhanced performance on the road but also ensures healthy battery size choices.

For example, when you question “ What size battery for a 2000W ebike?”, the motor becomes one of the crucial components to examine. A 2000W motor naturally requires a higher voltage rating battery in fact a minimum of 48V to 52V and the maximum can go up to 72 volts.

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3. Controller vs Battery’s output power

Now why we talk about a range is an interesting discussion to have, most ebike users or cyclists divide the watt power of their e-bike by the voltage( minimum or maximum) to get an ampere rating of their battery size.

There is nothing wrong there but, don’t feel like you are missing something. The controller! The controller regulates the voltage and current supplied to the motor and it is designed to work within a specific voltage range.

That is why you must have knowledge about your 2000W e-bike’s controller and its speed and power output in order to protect the battery and motor from damage.

How to Calculate the Correct Battery Size for 2000W Ebike Motor

calculation of correct battery size for 2000w ebike

Finally, when you have looked into the specifications that make your 2000W e-bike battery size decision effective, you can calculate the voltage, and ampere range that suits your e-bike and its components the best.

What voltage battery does a 2000w ebike motor need?

Well, the battery’s voltage must be equal to the motor’s voltage. It means, if your 2000w motor’s voltage is 52v then you should go with a 52 volts battery.

Generally, the motor’s required voltage is always mentioned on the motor itself that you can easily find out. If it is not mentioned, I recommend contacting the motor’s brand to find out the voltage.

In my experience, the minimum voltage of a 2000w ebike motor is 48 volts and the maximum is 72 volts. If you select any voltage between 48v to 72v, the motor will run perfectly.

But also consider the controller’s voltage otherwise the battery would not work properly. The controller’s voltage must be equal to the battery’s voltage.

Ideal battery capacity (AH) for a 2000w electric bike

As you know that a 2000w ebike motor may have a required voltage of 48v to 72v. If your ebike’s voltage demand is high then reduce the AH and vice-versa. Because Watt-hour is the multiplication of volts to Ah of the battery.

Let’s take an example where the required voltage for a 2000w ebike is 48v to 72v. So we will evaluate the ampere ratings for the apt one.

Here, we assume that a 2000W e-bike is used for 1 hour at maximum power. Hence, the capacity holds as 2000W * 1 hr = 2000Wh

  1. 2000Wh/ 48V = 40 Ah approx.
  2. 2000Wh/ 52V = 36 Ah approx.
  3. 2000Wh/ 60V = 33 Ah approx.
  4. 2000Wh/ 72V = 28 Ah approx.

As you can see as I am increasing the battery’s voltage, AH is reducing. Whether you chose a 48v 40Ah battery or 52v 36Ah battery or any of the above. All the batteries will provide a power of 2000 watts.

You know a higher voltage battery would provide more power to the motor, not the higher Ah. AH stands for the capacity of the battery, higher Ah provides more riding distance as it stores more current.

What Size Battery for 2000W Ebike?

what battery size for a 2000w ebike

Hence, the battery size of your 2000W e-bike must be either 48V 40 Ah or 52V 36 Ah depending on the role of supporting components. Here, you could stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines for a final decision.

If you go with the higher volts then decrease the AH and vice-versa. However, if your goal is riding for long distances, a higher AH would be better because higher AH battery stores more battery power.

Don’t pair your 2000w ebike motor with the less voltage battery as it may damage the battery and motor. However, if you don’t want much high-powered battery then go with a less-capacity battery i.e., lower AH.

What Battery Size Adds Least Weight in a 2000w E-Bike?

electric bike with 2000w hub motor

Honestly speaking we have been getting more questions from cyclists on how to reduce the battery weight of such a high-power e-bike like a 2000W one rather than the correct battery size.

The solution to this is something we call “cyclists’ cheat codes.” Can you guess? The battery chemistry! One of the smartest ways to lower the added battery weight you get while handling higher-watt range e-bikes.

For the same, we recommend using a lithium-ion battery with a higher energy density. This is one of the lightest battery options amongst lithium-cobalt or lithium,-phosphate which is comparatively heavier.

Moreover, you must keep in mind that the size of the battery impacts the overall weight of your e-bike regardless of the battery composition you stick by.

Apart from that a lithium-ion high-energy density battery is costly hence we always recommend our readers choose a battery size that meets the power-range requirement of the e-bike.

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Crucial Battery Safety Measures for a 2000w E-Bike

It gets really important to be mindful of all the safety measures whenever you are riding such a high-capacity e-bike. Here are the must-follow battery habits for ensuring optimum safety in a 2000W electric bike.

  • Avoid Overloading the battery by exceeding the maximum load capacity.
  • Monitor battery levels (especially during long rides) by keeping the minimum charge level at 30% to 35% at all times.
  • If you use a lithium-ion battery, avoid extreme temperatures since it destroys the cells.
  • Always invest in a high-quality battery with UL certification.
  • Use the recommended charger by the manufacturer.

How Much to Invest in a Correct Battery Size: 2000W E-Bike Edition

how much to invest in a 2000w ebike battery

Whenever there’s a question of getting a higher capacity e-bike battery the price range bothers the cyclists the most. On one side riders want the best quality battery for their 2000W e-bike whereas, on the other side, cyclists are really debating how much they should invest for their battery.

Now for an overall estimation, the cost of a 2000W e-bike battery could lie anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a little above one thousand dollars.

However, there are several factors such as the brand, battery capacity, and other features that determine the price range of a 2000W e-bike battery.

We expect our readers to invest in a UL-certified high-quality battery since it minimizes damage chances and also ensures a longer lifespan.

Hence, such a battery that gives enhancing performance, safety, and a longer lifespan could cost somewhere between $500-$800 and $800 to $1200 range.

Our suggestion would be to invest in a $500 to $800 range for the best-suiting 2000W e-bike battery.

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Conclusion on Correct Battery Size for a 2000w Ebike

Dealing with higher-watt e-bikes does make most riders cautious and especially the battery aspect of it since there are so many factors that matter for a correct battery size selection.

We tried our best to highlight the crucial components of the same and hope this helps you in your 2000W e-bike battery size selection.

Keep Riding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the maximum speed can a 2000W e-bike reach?

A 2000W e-bike assisted with a 48V 40 amp battery could reach up to the speed of 43 mph to 47 mph easily under normal trail conditions. Explore the full-speed potential of a 2000w ebike here.

Q2. What is the legal voltage range for e-bikes in the USA?

In the States, for all class e-bikes, the legal voltage range is between 36V to 48V. Any higher voltage range on an e-bike is considered illegal. Learn more.

Q3. How much battery capacity can damage my 2000W e-bike?

Even though a 2000W e-bike motor has a larger capacity to hold power, a battery capacity above 52V would drain a dangerous amount of power from the motor and eventually damage it.

Q4. Can I use a less than 2000w battery with a 2000-watt motor?

Yes, you can use it. Make sure you reduce the AH only, not the voltage. Voltage must be equal to the motor’s voltage.

Q5. Can I use a higher than 2000w battery with a 2000-watt motor?

Yes, you can do so. Make sure you increase the AH instead of increasing the voltage of the battery. I mean select a battery voltage equal to the motor’s required voltage. If your motor’s voltage is 52v then select a 52-volt battery.

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