What Size Battery is Perfect for a 1500W Ebike? Ultimate Guide

E-bikes are wonderful, they just don’t keep you fit and economical but also save the environment to a large extent. A 1500-watt ebike is yet another powerful beast that glides smoothly like a car on flat surfaces and even has the capability to pick up speed on sloppy irregular terrains.

You can’t achieve this unbelievable riding experience on such a powerful ebike without having the correct size battery. So what size battery for 1500w ebike to get smoother rides on tough terrains?

Don’t worry! We have covered almost everything you need to know about 1500-watt e-bikes and the correct battery voltage and AH so that you enjoy the ride for a long period of time without affecting your e-bike’s health.

In this article, we will cover the following key points: What size battery is best for electric bikes, why and when should you choose a 1500-watt ebike? Whom is it best suited for? Composition of batteries that are a good fit for a 1500-watt E-bike and so on.

So let’s get started.

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Understanding the Watt in an E-bike

what is watt in an electric bike

Hey! This isn’t another physics lesson but understanding Watt before buying your dream E-bike is necessary.

The potential power generated by an E-bike is measured in wattage. It's the conversion of energy into propulsion per time, the higher the wattage, the higher the power output. Learn more.

Mathematically speaking; Watt equals the multiplication of voltage to ampere-hours of the controller. Generally, the voltage in a 1500-watt ebike motor is 60 volts.

For example, The motor’s Voltage is 60 volts & Controller’s Capacity in AH is 25 amp-hour.

Therefore, Ebike Motor’s Wattage = 60 x 25 = 1500 watts

As you can see in the above example that a 1500w ebike has a voltage of 60 volts and a controller of 25 Amps. Then, what size battery is perfect for a 1500w ebike or electric bike? We will discuss this later in this article.

Does a higher wattage imply a better ebike?

If you are at a beginner’s level of accessing an E-bike, you must be wondering, will the more be better? In the case of watts and electric bike motors, it depends on a wide variety of factors.

You should opt for an E-bike motor with a high watt output if you are looking for faster acceleration and more zip when riding on hilly terrain and moving around with heavier loads.

Just like a high-performance car can’t be efficiently utilized for the everyday run, so is your e-bike. A motor with a higher wattage will drain your bike’s battery faster, leaving you with a limited riding range.

So if your purpose allows, then a higher-wattage electric bike would be perfect for you otherwise, there is no need to get such a high-powered ebike.

How fast is a 1500-watt electric bike?

Electric bikes with 1500 watts motors are superb as they offer amazing speed on all types of terrains. You can experience a top speed of around 45 miles per hour which is almost equal to a car’s speed.

In case you are looking for some adventurous trips or you are on the heavier side, the 1500-watt ebike with a 1500w battery (60v 25Ah) is a true genius as you will get a top speed of around 70 to 80 kilometers per hour.

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What Size Battery is Perfect for a 1500w Ebike?

The answer is the battery’s voltage & wattage should be equal to the motor’s voltage & wattage respectively if you want to enjoy the full potential of your 1500w ebike. If you go beyond this power your range would increase along with the bike’s weight and will cost you a bit more.

And if you choose a lower-wattage battery for your 1500w electric bike, the performance (speed) and range will be reduced because the battery would not be able to supply the required power to the motor. Also, the battery would discharge quickly and the motor might get heated because of the low-power supply.

Therefore, Most experienced cyclists believe that a 60v 25Ah battery pack is best suited for a 1500-watt ebike. Because when you multiply 60v by 25Ah you would get 1500 watts from the battery pack. Let’s know more in detail.

What Size Battery for 1500W Ebike? Ideal Voltage & AH

what size battery for an 1500 watt electric bike

The voltage and amp hours play a major role in deciding the size of the battery required for a 1500-watt ebike. You must be wondering what are voltage and amp hour literally.

The difference in electric potential between any two given points is called a voltage or electric pressure or electric tension. It is the power that pushes charged electrons (current) through the conductor.

Whereas, Amp hour stands for the capacity of the battery. A higher AH battery means it can store more current leading to more riding distance and vice-versa.

Mathematically, Wattage or watt hour is the multiplication of volts by AH. I hope you have understood the basic terms here. Now, it’s time to find out the right battery voltage and AH for a 1500w ebike motor.

How to find the voltage of the battery for a 1500w ebike?

Generally, a 1500-watt ebike motor requires 60 volts of electricity from a battery pack, you may find some motors that require 52 volts. It means you must select a battery that gives 60 volts.

Sometimes, the required voltage is already mentioned on the ebike motors, so select the voltage of the battery that your motor has mentioned. It can be 48, 52, or 60 volts.

Once you know the required voltage for your 1500-watt ebike motor. Then divide 1500w by the voltage i.e., 60 volts, you would 25 which would be the AH of the battery.

A 1500-watt E-bike battery would take up a minimum power of 1500 watts in an hour. Generally, most such bikes need a 60v 25Ah  battery pack to do the job, which is exactly 1500 Watt-hours.

You may slightly increase or decrease the voltage or amp hours depending on your need and the life of the battery pack.

How to Calculate Battery Size for a 1500W Ebike?

How to Calculate Battery Size for a 1500W Ebike

The correct battery size for your E-bike must marry the wattage required by your E-bike for its best performance with respect to power and speed.

Battery Watt hours play the most important role in deciding the distance your E-bike can cover, the energy needed, and the power delivered.

The definition of watt-hours is “it is a multiplication of power demand per distance traveled to the distance traveled”. Well, Your E-bike motor will have a prescribed Voltage demand.

Generally, A 1500-watt ebike motor needs a minimum 60-volt battery. It’s equally important to consider the Amp hours of a battery which is an indication of the capacity of a battery.

Higher Ah of a battery implies higher storage of energy and longer riding experience. We would recommend you go with a 60-volt 25 Ah battery for a 1500-watt electric bike for unstoppable performance.

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Comparative table for ebike with different wattages on various basis

We have tried to incorporate various aspects of E-bikes with ranges starting from as low as  250 watts to 1500 watts.

Max. Speed (Approx)15mph20mph25mph30mph40mph
Ideal Battery size36v 10Ah48v 12Ah48v 15Ah52v 20Ah60v 25Ah
Hill performanceWon’t easily pick upAcceptableDecentFastEffortless
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Benefits of 1500 Watt Electric Bikes

As you already know that an electric bike with a 1500-watt motor is very powerful and its speed can be compared with a car’s speed. Apart from this, there are other benefits that a 1500w ebike offers, let’s know them in detail so that you can have a better idea about 1500w electric bikes.

1. Offers high speed

A motor of 1500 watts is extremely powerful if it’s backed up with the correct battery pack. Here’s a table where you can easily compare the miles covered at various wattages.

E-Bike’s WattageTop-Speed
250-watt ebike10-15 miles per hour
500-watt ebike15- 20 miles per hour
750-watt ebike20-25 miles per hour
1000-watt ebike25-35 miles per hour
1500-watt ebikeAround 40 miles per hour or more

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2. Pedal assistance

Electric bikes below 1000-watt capacity come with 3 modes of pedal assistance but a 1500-watt E-bike offers 5 modes of pedal assistance.

The first level of pedaling needs continuous movement from the rider while the fifth level needs no support from the rider’s side. You will experience an unexpected momentum as you will gush through the air.

3. Adventurous and thrilling

Most riders who opt for a 1500-watt E-bike have an adventurous mindset. A 1500-watt electric bike is used vividly in bike racing and mountaineering.

4. Covering long distances

In case you have to cover a long distance with no time and place for plugging in your battery at frequent intervals then this bike is for you. This is an extremely energetic bike when you have to cover various miles on a single charge.

5. Enabled to carry heavy loads

A 1500-watt E-bike is built to carry heavy loads. If you have a backpack for adventure or you are obese, it won’t stop you from that adrenaline rush.

Limitations of a 1500 Watt E-Bike

There are some limitations of riding a 1500w electric bike which you must know before investing in an electric bike with a 1500-watt motor. Let’s find out in detail.

1. Size and weight of the battery

A 1500 Watt battery pack is bulkier in size and weight putting extra pressure and limiting movement in hilly areas. As a result, the battery discharges fast because a heavy ebike needs more power.

2. Need more care of your ebike battery

Irrespective of the wattage you are using for your ebike, if you charge too often or don’t charge until your battery is completely drained, it will negatively affect your battery pack.

The battery is the most sensitive and expensive part of your E-bike that stores electric charge in the form of chemical energy and sends current for the bike’s functioning.

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3. Mode of pedal assistance

If you are on a long journey it’s best to hit initial levels of pedal assistance so that your battery lasts long. If you won’t assist at all and hit the 5th level, your battery will deplete soon.

4. Way of riding a 1500-watt ebike

Although these bikes are designed to work on all kinds of surfaces, it’s also the responsibility of the rider to take certain measures to ensure the battery lasts long, remains healthy, and functions at optimal levels.

At varying accelerations, the battery will drain faster, similarly, the use of breaks too often will need the bike to get accelerated from point zero, needing more energy.

5. Weather conditions

Weather plays a crucial role in determining the life of your battery at one charge. In case you are gushing in the wind’s opposite direction your E-bike will need more energy to maintain speed and momentum which will suck your battery faster.

If you are using your E-bike in extremely cold temperatures, it will need greater energy to keep the bike heated while in higher temperatures there are chances of overheating and fires.

Conclusion: Ideal Battery Voltage and AH for 1500w Ebike

Ebike battery is the most crucial part of an electric bike therefore we tried our best to share with you the best battery size for your 1500w electric bike so that you can enjoy an excellent ride and ride for the distances you want to.

To conclude this article on what size battery is for 1500w ebike, I would say a 60v 25Ah lithium-ion battery would be perfect for your 1500-watt electric bike. If you want to lower battery size then reduce the Ah as it will reduce the distance (mileage only), and would not affect your performance much.

So select the battery size according to your purpose. I hope you have got the correct battery size for your 1500w ebike. If you’ve any doubts unsolved, ask us in the comment below and share this article on your social handle with your beloved one.

Below are some related FAQs regarding the same, also read them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is a 1500-watt ebike a mountain bike?

Yes, you are correct. A 1500-watt E-bike can be best defined as an electric mountain bike as it can easily glide against wind and pick up speed on hills.

Q2. How long does a battery pack for a 1500-watt motor last?

A battery pack, if maintained well, can easily last 3-5 years. The surface on which the E-bike is moved, the weight of the rider, types of tires, etc make a lot of difference. The most commonly used batteries are lithium-ion batteries as they charge quickly and have low chances of explosion.

Q3. When should I recharge my ebike battery?

An E-bike battery must be recharged before the level drops down to 20 percent. Charging the battery when it’s completely drained can reduce efficiency to a large extent.

Q4. What about a 48v 1500-watt ebike battery?

A 48v 1500-watt E-bike battery can function well if it has at least 30 ampere hours of capacity. Mathematically, 48*30 = 1440 watts. It will offer you a speed of approximately 34 mph.

Q5. Should I charge my 1500-watt ebike overnight?

Yes, you can charge your battery overnight, the BMS takes care of overcharging your battery. Your battery will however not take more than 5-6 hours so it’s best suited to switch it off while you are awake to not put extra pressure on the BMS.

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  1. This is very helpful and thanks. I purchased a 48V 1500W rear hub motor. It looks like batteries are available readily up to 20 AH but very few at the higher Amp Hour rating. Can you make a recommendation on a battery? Is it a problem to use a smaller AH battery, say 20 AH and accepting the loss in performance and distance. Just don’t want to do anything that would hurt the rear hub motor or prematurely harm the battery.

    • According to your motor’s configuration, 48-volt battery is perfect. When it comes to deciding the AH, it will depend upon your requirement (range). When you divide 1500W by 48V, you get around 30Ah. It means when you install the 30Ah battery, you would get the range between 40-60 miles. You can also go with a 20Ahb battery, it would not harm your motor if it is 48-volts, the expected range would be around 30-40 miles. Also remember as you increase the AH, the battery weight will also increase. 30Ah battery would be heavier than the 20Ah battery! Think wisely and install the battery according to your needs. I hope you understood!


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