How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? Let’s Explore the Speed Potential of Ebikes

We all are aware of how technology has taken over almost everything and that in turn has enhanced our experience overall. In the biking area, we find electric bikes to be the advancement of traditional bikes.

They are mostly famous for the seamless experience that they give to their riders. The seamless experience comes from speed. And hence, we will deep dive into the “speed” aspect of electric bikes i.e., How fast do electric bikes go?

Further on you will find everything you would need to know about the top speed of an electric bike of all types, the factors affecting it, and how they vary from bike to bike.

So, let’s clear out the basics first!

What is an Electric Bike & How Does it Work?

An electric bike or an e-bike is a combination of traditional bikes and innovation. It has the same model as the traditional cycles we use but has a motor attached to it!

The attachment of the motor gives us a seamless experience of riding the bike without having to use much energy. That’s the biggest reason it’s been so popular.

Not just that, but it’s easier to ride it, in the terrains that are not suited for biking compared to the traditional one.

But how does that happen? Well, for that we have to look at how it is designed!

Firstly, there is a motor that is attached to it which is located either in the front hub, the rear hub or sometimes even in the middle of the bike frame. This motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that acts as its energy source. Hence, the name of such bikes is “electric bike”.

Next, when you get on the bike for a ride and start pedaling, the motor then starts working and gives you the smooth feel of the ride.

Now, most e-bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight, efficient, and can hold a charge for a considerable distance.

The battery is usually mounted on the frame or integrated into the design, making sure the bike does not lose its sleek and streamlined experience.

On a single charge, you can typically cover anywhere from 20 to 60 miles (32 to 96 kilometers), but it can vary on many factors. It’s pretty simple to charge the battery, you can simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet at home or work, and within a few hours, your battery will be recharged.

Some e-bikes even have removable batteries also, allowing you to easily swap them out for fully charged ones.

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go? Exploring Ebike Top Speed

The speed of an electric bike depends on some factors, such as:

  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Terrain
  • Wind resistance
  • And various controls

However, the speed varies from 15 mph to more than 60mph, depending on the above factors. Usually, ebikes that are lightly weighted and have strong batteries are the most speedy ones.

There are various types of ebikes with different motor wattages providing different speeds because the higher motor wattage provides more speed and vice-versa.

Let’s unveil the speed potential of each type of electric bike.

How fast can a 250w electric bike go?

An electric bike of 250W typically has a top speed of around 20 mph (32 km/h) in the USA & up to 15.5 mph in the UK. But then again, the speed would depend on a lot of factors such as the rider’s weight, terrain, and assistance level.

The output from the power of a 250-watt motor ebike provided the rider a moderate acceleration and comfortable speed making it suitable for both commuting and leisurely rides.

It provides a decent boost compared to traditional bikes making the ride more efficient and enjoyable. Meeting the highest speed on this bike would require the rider to utilize the power of the bike to the maximum as these bikes are typically pedal-assisted.

Learn more about the speed potential of 250-watt ebikes on various terrains.

How fast can a 350-watt electric bike go?

A 350W electric bike can reach up to the speed of 20-25 mph (32 to 40 km/h). With the increased speed output compared to lower wattage models, this 350W electric bike gives its riders a smooth and silky experience.

A 350-watt ebike is popular among people who seek a quicker commuting journey or enjoy a speedy ride in their leisurely time. This bike gives a quicker as well as a spirited ride because of the high wattage power of its battery.

Adding to this, this bike is a striking balance of both power and efficiency. It allows the rider to reach their destinations faster while enjoying the benefits of electrical assistance.

Learn more about how fast is a 350w ebike on various surfaces.

How fast can a 500-watt electric bike go?

The maximum speed offered by a 500w ebike is around 25-30 miles per hour (40-48km/h). However, as per the law, the top speed on a 500w electric bike is restricted to 20 mph (32 km/h) on city roads. Learn more in detail.

This high speed of the bike allows riders to attain an even higher speed than the other bikes we discussed above. This is perfect for riders who seek higher speeds for their daily rides or occasional idle rides.

This happens because the increased wattage of the bike allows the rider to have more boost which results in higher speed and amazing experiences. These bikes are very eco-friendly and offer the riders what they want from high-speed electric bikes.

How fast does a 750w electric bike go?

An electric bike with a 750w motor can offer speeds of around 30-35 mph (48-56 km/h), making them one of the speediest ebikes in the market of electric bikes. This is one of the best ones in the market when it comes to speed.

But! But! you will get a speed of up to 28 mph because the law restricts going beyond this limit.

A dynamic and fast-paced experience unlocks the people who use these bikes. This bike can be used perfectly for the terrains which are most difficult to tackle like climbing a steep terrain or the ones where riding requires too much power and effort.

750w electric bikes can be easily pulled off on mountainous terrains, giving you an adventurous experience. If you are an adventurer, you should get a 750-watt motor ebike.

That’s not enough for this ebike, Explore more about 750w ebike top speed.

How fast can a 1000w electric bike go legally?

A 1000w electric bike is capable of a maximum speed of around 35-40 mph (55-64 km/h). These offer almost double the speed of what 500w electric bikes offer.

This is more suitable for adults around 21 to 30 years of age and not the younger kids who are around 12 to 15 years old.

This much speed can lead to accidents because the kids might lose control of themselves while trying to attain this much speed while riding the bike. The motor of these bikes is stronger to be capable of giving this kind of speed in an electric bike.

Learn more about how fast can a 1000w electric bike go!

How fast can a 1500w ebike go?

Offering a speed of around 40-43 miles per hour, these bikes have even more speed and are stronger than the previous bikes. These bikes are the ideal ones to use for off-road riding.

With that being said, they are designed in such a way that they tackle rugged terrains and give the riders a chance to enjoy an exceptional ride. They give an exceptional experience of adventurous outdoor riding by attaining a high speed that excites their riders like never before.

Let’s explore in detail about 1500W electric bike top speed!

How fast can a 2000w electric bike go?

An electric bike with a 2000-watt motor can be ridden at a speed of around 40-45 miles per hour, depending upon the terrain you ride on and many factors. Learn more about the 2000W ebike’s speed potential.

With this kind of power output, the bike can deliver impressive acceleration which makes them suitable for off-road enthusiasts and riders who seek maximum speed and performance.

The 2000W motor allows you to have a substantial boost which results in a thrilling and fast-paced riding experience. Riders can enjoy the instant adrenaline rush when they reach the highest speed.

The bike offers the riders the opportunity to push their limits and explore a brand-new level of speed and performance.

How fast can a 3000w e-bike go?

What is the top speed of an electric bike of 3000W? An ebike with a 3000-wattage motor can reach up to a speed of 48 mph or 72 km/h or more if no speed limiter is placed. These bikes are designed for extreme performances.

These kinds of bikes are used when the bikers need tremendous acceleration and that happens when the riders compete against each other.

Bikes with 3000w motors offer tremendous acceleration and give a very rich experience of traveling at a high speed and the performance is unmatched. It’s one of the highest levels of speed and performance an electric bike can give.

Explore the 3000w ebike speed potential on various terrain!

How fast can a 36V electric bike go?

The speed of a 36V electric bike varies on a lot of factors. Some of these are motor power, rider’s weight, terrain, and assistance level. Usually, a 36V electric bike offers speeds from 15-20 mph (24 to 32 km/h).

This is a very moderate speed range and it is suitable for city and leisurely rides.

These kinds of ebikes have a lower voltage and they offer balanced performance to give the rider a comfortable and enjoyable experience, while they may not offer the same high speed but it is very convenient, safe, and eco-friendly in nature.

How fast can a 48V electric bike go?

Similar to the previous bike that we discussed above, the speed of a 48V electric bike is also influenced by the same factors. On average, this bike can achieve speeds of 20-25 mph (32 to 40 km per hour).

The increased voltage in this bike allows us to have improved acceleration and a faster riding experience for commuting and recreational purposes.

This bike is a  striking balance between power and efficiency while offering a high level of performance and still maintaining the benefits of an electric bike.

Read more about 48v ebike top speed in mph or km/h.

Table Showing the Electric Bike Top Speeds with Different Wattages

Ebike Motor Type
Top Speed
(In miles per hour)
Top Speed
(In Km per hour)
250-watt16-20 mph (Green)25-32 km/h
350-watt20-25 mph (Green)32-40 km/h
500-watt25-30 mph (Green)40-48 km/h
750-watt20-35 mph (Green)48-56 km/h
1000-watt35-40 mph (Red)56-64 km/h
1500-watt40-45 mph (Red)64-72 km/h
2000-watt45-50 mph (Red)72-80 km/h
3000-watt55-60 mph (Red)80-97 km/h
5000-watt60-65 mph (Red)98-104 km/h
8000-watt65- 68 mph (Red)104-109 km/h
10000-watt68-85 mph (Red)109-137 km/h

Legal Restrictions on the Speed Limit of an Ebike

The maximum speed of an electric bike which is also known as the speed limit is always subjected to some kind of legal restrictions. The jurisdiction always varies from country to country and even region to region.

The regulations are there to ensure the safety of the riders and the people in their surroundings. We must be aware of them and comply with them to further ensure we and our surroundings are safe.

Talking of which, electric bikes in the USA are classified into three categories Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.

  • Class 3 is the ebikes which are the speediest and then come Class 2 and Class 1 respectively.
  • Class 3 ebikes can attain a maximum speed of up to 28 mph (45km/h), making them the fastest as well as legal.
  • Class 2 has a speed limit of 20 mph (32km/h), which can propel the bike even without pedaling.
  • Class 1 has the same speed as Class 2 but they need to be pedaled through (no throttle) and some bikes are not equipped with a speedometer.
Bike FeaturesCLASS 1CLASS 2CLASS 3
Pedal Assist ModeYESYESYES
Throttle ModeN/AYESN/A
Top Assisted Speed20 mph20 mph28 mph

In the UK, these electric bikes are known as electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs) which have a maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25km/h). But the ebikes that go beyond this speed are known as regular pedaled cycles. Learn more.

Factors Affecting the Electric Bike Speed

Several factors always affect the speed of an ebike. Here are 7 of them:

1. Motor Power (Wattage)

The greater the motor power (wattage), the more speed the electric bike has. The motor always directly affects the speed of your electric bike and is one of the major reasons that affects speed.

As you can read above, I have mentioned the top speed of electric bikes with different motor wattages and each motor offers a different top speed.

2. Battery Voltage and Charge Level

The battery voltage and charge level affect how fast can an electric bike go because the battery voltage has a direct relation with the speed of an ebike. Therefore, an ebike with a higher voltage battery offers more speed and vice-versa.

For instance, an ebike with a 48v battery offers more speed than one with a 36v battery.

How do I know? Read this 36v Vs 48v ebike battery comparison!

As the battery charge level reduces, its voltage also decreases. Therefore, you should always check whether the battery is sufficient or not because a low battery can negatively affect the speed of your ebike.

Whereas a fully charged battery will complement your ride by increasing the performance of the overall bike.

3. Type of Terrain (Paved or Unpaved-Road)

This reason is very well-known to most of the people out there who have been cycling for a long time. Terrains always affect the speed of the bike directly.

Steep terrains will take more power and slow down the speed of the bike, whereas smooth surfaces and roads are the places where a rider can enjoy the most speed from his bike.

4. Wind Resistance

You might be thinking how can wind affect the speed? Well, I know it sounds strange to your ears but after I explain you won’t.

When the wind is strong and you are moving in the same direction as it is, you will have more speed than what you were riding at, it’s because the wind gives us a push and compliments it.

Whereas, when the wind is strong and you are moving in an opposite direction, it can slow down the ebike, and your speed will reduce. It is as simple as that.

5. Tire Pressure

Tires that are properly inflated will give your ebikes more speed whereas the ones which are not properly inflated will slow down the bike requiring more power from the rider.

This happens because fully inflated tires have low rolling resistance whereas partially inflated tires have more rolling resistance.

6. Rider’s Weight

There is always a payload capacity for any vehicle including an ebike. You should not exceed that limit, otherwise, you will get less speed.

How fast can you go on an electric bike is also affected by the rider’s weight. And due to this, you should always refrain from wearing unnecessary heavy accessories while riding an electric bike because it pulls down the speed.

7. Bike Weight

As we had discussed weight affects the overall bike performance and in this, the weight of the bike also comes into the picture. The more weighted the bike is the slower it will become.

Hence, whenever you are going for a purchase you should always choose a bike that is made out of lighter metals and have an overall light weight.

How to Make an Electric Bike Go Faster?

Make Your Electric Bike Go Faster

If you want to enhance the speed of your electric bike, there are a few steps following which you’ll be able to achieve the results. But keep in mind the safety rules and be cautious about your surroundings.

Now, before delving into the factors I would like to teach you guys a trick.

The answer to increasing the speed of an e-bike depends on the factors that affect it!

Didn’t understand? Follow these steps:

Increasing the speed of an electric bike can sound exciting to many prospects and those who are looking to enhance their riding experience can follow the steps listed. Although level implications could be unsafe for both you and your surroundings.

Here are some steps that you can consider to increase your ebike top speed:

1. Upgrading the Ebike Motor

One of the most efficient ways to upgrade the speed of your bike is to upgrade the motor. The motor power directly affects the acceleration of the bike and the maximum speed of the bike as well.

By replacing the existing motor with a higher wattage option you would in turn be able to increase the power output. You will be potentially able to reach the high speed that you want.

However, it is very essential to consult a technician that the battery is compatible and safe for your bike.

2. Battery Capacity

The battery in our electric bike contributes a lot to the speed. The better the battery is the better the speed and overall experience will be. Upgrading the battery can lead to higher speeds.

But before making any changes you should always consult technicians to match the compatibility of the bike with the battery.

3. Weight Reduction

As we have seen earlier in the previous sections of the blog, the possible ways in which weight affects the speed of the electric bike, I need not tell you that the lesser the weight the more the speed.

You should avoid unnecessary accessories while riding the bike, and opt for lighter handles and frames for your bike that interns reduce the weight giving a smooth experience. 

4. Tire Selection

You should be careful while choosing the tires for your ebike because it significantly affects the speed of your electric bike. Therefore, choose the tire that tends to have a smooth design and a higher PSI rating, these factors cause to reduce friction. This intern affects the speed causing it to increase.

5. Aerodynamic Adjustments

Aerodynamics adjustments are something that is not talked about that much but play a very crucial for the improvement of overall ebike speed. When you align yourself with the wind, you will be able to achieve the highest speed than ever. How can this be done?

Using pairings and streamlined handbags or even adjusting your riding position can reduce the drag. These modifications can help you to cut through the wind more efficiently and increase the overall ebike speed.

6. Controller Tuning

It is the controller of any bike that regulates the power output and controls various settings of an ebike. Some of the bike models allow us to change the control settings.

This can be done by adjusting the parameters of the bike such as throttle response. But that should not be done alone, always consider the manufacturer’s instructions and seek professional assistance.

Also, safety and legal compliance should not be compromised while doing this.

7. Regular Maintenance

This is a very underrated point but you should always maintain your ebikes. A well-maintained bike can contribute a lot to better performance in speed.

You should always lubricate joints and keep inspecting if your bike needs any modifications or not. This will help achieve more efficiency and higher speeds. 

Modifying an electric bike to increase speed should always be done cautiously and responsibly. You should always prioritize legal compliance.

While making the upgrades, you should also consult professionals to avoid any damages. And above everything else our safety, This brings me to the next topic of our blog i.e., Safety tips.

5 Safety Tips for Riding an Ebike at Higher Speeds

As much as we all love riding electric bikes at a higher speed, we should take into consideration safety tips to avoid accidents at all costs. Here are some of them that you can follow:

1. Wear a HELMET

The very first and very basic that we have been hearing all our lives and a very crucial one too. WEAR HELMETS! Do not avoid them at any cost. While riding at a higher speed oftentimes there are chances that we could face accidents.

Helmets protect from all head injuries. It is very well-known how bad a head injury is and we should avoid it by wearing helmets all the time whenever we are riding a bike.

2. Using proper safety gear

In addition to a helmet, consider wearing other protective gear as well such as knee and elbow pads, gloves, and appropriate clothing. This gear can provide added protection and minimize injuries in the event of a fall.

3. Maintaining a braking technique

We should avoid pressing full brakes instantly, as it can maximize the chances of falling. Riding at higher speeds would require efficient braking.

Practice proper braking techniques, applying both front and rear brakes evenly to avoid skidding or loss of control.

4. Stay Aware of the surroundings

When riding at higher speeds, it’s crucial to know about the surroundings. Keep an eye out for potential hazards, including pedestrians, vehicles, and obstacles. Stay focused and be prepared to react swiftly to unexpected situations.

5. Gradually increase speed

If you’re new to riding at higher speeds, it’s important to gradually increase your speed as you gain confidence and experience.

Start at a comfortable pace and slowly build up to higher speeds, allowing yourself time to adjust to the increased power and handling characteristics of your e-bike.


Electric bikes offer a smooth, silky experience that is enjoyed by everyone. We all enjoy the things that are faster and better but that shouldn’t come with the cost of our safety, right?!

While enjoying the speed of electric bikes we must not forget to maintain the safety rules to keep us and the people on the road safe. And because of this, we need to comply with the legal restrictions that are set by the authorities.

Hope this blog on “How fast do electric bikes go legally” answers the questions you had regarding the speed limits of an electric bike and how to increase them.

If not drop the comments and I will try to answer them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the three classes of e-bikes?

In the USA, electric bicycles have been classified into three categories i.e., Class 1, Class 2 & Class 3. The maximum speed on Class 1 (No throttle) & Class 2 ebike (with throttle) is up to 20 mph. Whereas, the Class 3 ebike offers up to 28 mph (without throttle mode).

Q2. How fast do electric bikes go without pedaling?

Riding an ebike without pedaling means, using the throttle mode which will provide a maximum speed of up to 20 mph (as per the law). This type of bike is also known as a class 2 electric bike.

Q3. Can an electric bike go 40 mph?

Yes! Ebikes can go at 40 mph or beyond this limit. But! In the USA, the legal speed limit of an electric bike (Class 3) is up to 28 mph with a maximum motor wattage of 750 watts. Still, there are some states in the USA, where ebikes are allowed to be ridden at 40 mph or more.

Q4. Is 1000w eBike Legal in the USA?

Electric bikes with 1000w motors or with more wattage are not illegal. You don’t need a license to ride an electric bike of up to 750 watts in most states of the USA.

If you exceed this limit, your ebike will be considered as a motor vehicle and liable for registration, Insurance, license, etc.


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