How Fast Can a 36V Electric Bike Go? Top Speed in MPH

In recent years, Electric bikes have become substitutes for traditional bikes as it is also good for the environment and offer more speed at a very low cost. Just like traditional bicycles, electric bikes also have various types, several configurations with motors and batteries, etc.

One of the basic and best ebike for beginners is a 36-volt electric bike as it is cheap, lightweight, road-legal, and offers good speed.

You must know how fast can a 36v electric bike go on various terrains. Otherwise, there is no need to invest in an ebike if you don’t get higher speeds than normal bikes.

If you are already having a 36v ebike, how can you make your ebike go faster? I will guide you later in this article. So, read this blog till the end to discover the 36v ebike top speed.

Some of you might not know what a 36v electric bike is, so let’s start with the basics then.

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36V Electric Bike Overview

An electric bike is paired with a battery and motor with specific voltage & watt ratings. “Electric bikes equipped with a 36v battery and motor are known as 36v electric bikes”.

36v ebikes are considered entry-level electric bikes as they are affordable and lightweight. Further, these ebikes have been classified as class 1 & 2 electric bikes in the USA as they generally come with 250w and 350w motors.

The maximum speed limit of class 1 & class 2 electric bikes is up to 20 mph i.e., 32 km/h.

These e-bicycles are equipped with several characteristics that make them appealing to riders, like pedal assistance, a choice of speeds, and the capacity to go long distances on a single charge.

Although it has less power in terms of both current and efficiency, the 36-volt electric bike is an excellent choice for someone who is just starting to ride an electric bicycle.

They nonetheless provide a respectable range at a good speed, making them an excellent option for commuters who often ride routes with fewer challenging terrain features.

As a result of their lower power output, the 36v ebike needs less energy to charge, which is still another compelling argument in favor of investing.

How Fast Can a 36V Electric Bike Go on Various Surfaces?

How Fast Can a 36V Electric Bike Go on Various Surfaces

As I have already mentioned that the 36-volt electric bike is an entry-level ebike, suitable for beginners. When it comes to its top speed, it varies on various factors (discussed below in detail).

Generally, a 36v ebike has a maximum speed of up to 15.5 mph or 25 km/h in the UK and EU. Whereas the top speed of a 36v electric bike is 20 mph or 32 km/h in the USA.

This is the maximum permissible speed that you are allowed to ride such electric bikes. You don’t need a license to ride a 36v electric bike, you can ride on bicycle lanes as its speed is equivalent to normal bikes.

However, if you ride a 36v electric bike on an inclined surface, your speed will reduce and will be lower than 10 mph.

When you ride the same bike on declined surfaces or downhills, you would get a bit more speed (around 25 mph) because of downward slopes.

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You can make your electric bike go faster, but you need to make some changes to the ebike motor & ebike controller. I would not suggest you do so as it is illegal and not safe for you as well as pedestrians.

Most 36v electric bikes have 250-watt & 350-watt motors but some models are having 500-watt motors.

Let’s see the top speed of each 36v ebike with different motor ratings:

  • 36v 250W electric bike top speed: 15.5 mph in UK & EU, 20 mph in USA
  • 36v 350w electric bike top speed: Up to 25 mph in the USA
  • 36v 500w electric bike top speed: Up to 28 mph in the USA
Ebike Type / ModelTop Speed
36v 250W15.5 mph (UK, EU) and 20 mph (USA)
36v 350WUp to 25 mph (USA)
36v 500WUp to 28 mph (USA)

The maximum ebike motor capacity is 250 watts in the United Kingdom (UK) & European Unions (EUs). Whereas, It is up to 750 watts in the United States (USA). These limits vary depending on various countries and states.

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Factors Affecting 36v Ebike Speed

A 36V electric bike’s top speed may be affected by several different variables, including the following:

1. The kind of motor and the amount of power it produces

The motor is the core of the e-bike, and the amount of power it produces has a significant impact on the maximum speed the bike is capable of. A motor with a higher power output facilitates the bike’s ability to go at greater speeds and more readily tackle inclines.

It means a 36v ebike motor produces less power than a 48v ebike motor resulting in lower speeds.

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2. Battery Capacity (Voltage & Ah)

Battery capacity is one of the important factors in deciding 36v electric bike speed. The battery is what provides power to the e-bike, the capacity (watt hours) of the battery may impact both the distance and the speed that the bike is capable of traveling.

The bike may be able to ride farther without having to be recharged if it is equipped with a battery that has a bigger capacity (Ah).

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3. Conditions of the terrain and the weather

The conditions of the terrain & weather will decide how fast does a 36v electric bike go. Both the terrain and the weather have the potential to influence the speed of the bike.

The ability to go at faster speeds may be hindered by strong winds and undulating terrain, which may cause the ebike to move more slowly.

4. Weight of the rider and any luggage

The bike’s speed may also be affected by the weight of the rider and any cargo being carried. If you have a bigger load on your bike, it will be more difficult for you to go at faster speeds and to manage inclines.

When shopping for a 36-volt electric bike, riders should give careful consideration to the aforementioned aspects so that they may choose an ebike that satisfies both their wants and needs.

How to Make Your 36v Electric Bike Go Faster?

There are a few different methods by which a 36V electric bike may be made to go faster:

1. Upgrade the motor

If you want the bike to be able to go faster, you should consider upgrading the motor to one that has more power. Having said that, it is essential to check that the replacement motor is suitable for use with the battery and the other components of the bicycle.

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2. Raise the capacity of the battery

Changing the battery to one with a bigger capacity may improve the capabilities of both the bike’s range and its top speed.

However, this may also result in an increase in the weight of the bike, which can have an impact on how easily it can be handled and maneuvered.

3. Lower the bike’s weight

If there are any accessories or components on the bike that aren’t essential, removing them may help lower the weight of the bike and boost its speed potential. When upgrading the ebike, you also have the option of selecting lighter components, such as a lighter frame or lighter wheels.

4. Install thin tires and Increase the tire pressure

Thin tires have low rolling resistance which provides more speed at high-air pressure. Do the same if you want to boost your bike’s speed and lower the rolling resistance.

Increasing the tire pressure may be done by following the instructions in the bicycle’s owner’s manual. Having said that, it is essential to check that the air pressure in the tires is within the range that is advised for the particular tires that are being used.

5. Optimize the riding style

Riders may also boost the speed of their bikes by optimizing their riding styles, which will result in faster overall speeds.

This may be accomplished by pedaling more efficiently, making better use of the gears on the bicycle, and avoiding abrupt stops and starts.

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Legal Speed Limits for 36v Ebike in the USA

Riders need to have a solid understanding of the legal regulations that apply to riding 36V electric bikes in the United States. In most states of the USA, the maximum motor capacity allowed is up to 750 watts.

36v electric bikes have the lowest speed as it is made for beginners. Therefore, its maximum speed as per the law is up to 20 mph (32 km/h).

The riders of these bicycles do not need to have a license or insurance to ride, and they are free to go on bike routes and to any other locations that allow bicycles.

On the other hand, certain states and municipalities may have their own rules and regulations about electric bicycles. You should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your respective communities to ensure that you are meeting all of the criteria.

Conclusion On 36v Ebike Top Speed

As you have learned that electric bike with a 36v battery and motor is known as a 36v electric bike. Talking about its maximum speed, generally, the top speed of a 36V electric bike is 20 miles per hour or 32 km/h.

But also remember that It may vary from country to country and based on riding surface, rider’s weight, motor type, etc.

In my experience, a 36V electric bike might be a suitable option for riders searching for a cheap & lightweight ebike that can manage plane roads, and small bumps and cover 20-30 miles on a single charge.

The speed capabilities of this ebike may be improved by either upgrading the motor or increasing the capacity of the battery, but users should also be aware of the legal requirements for electric bicycles in their particular region.

I hope your question of “How fast can a 36v electric bike go in mph” has been answered.

If you have any doubts, write us in the comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How fast is a 36-volt ebike in mph?

The maximum speed of most electric bikes with 36v battery and motor is up to 20 miles per hour (32 km/h).

Q2. Is it safe to ride a 36v ebike on public roads?

Yes, it is safe to ride a 36v electric bike on public roads. Just make sure that you are following all the rules and regulations while riding an ebike on public roads.

Q3. What is the maximum range of a 36V electric bike?

The range of an ebike depends upon its battery capacity (Amp hours). 36v battery with higher AH gives longer ranger as compared to lower AH. So the range of a 36v 10Ah battery is 20-30 miles.

Q4. Is it safe to ride a 36v ebike on trails and off-road terrain?

36v electric bikes don’t perform well on trails. So don’t ride this ebike on such kind of terrains as it may damage some components of your ebike. But sometimes, you can ride a 36v ebike on off-roads, but you will get less speed.

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