What Size Battery is Perfect for a 750 Watt Ebike? Explained

E-bikes are no longer the simple concept of chargeable electric bicycles they used to be in their early days instead now e-bikes are more powerful, more efficient, and a go-to option for an easy commute or even professional races.

Electric bikes with 750w motors are powerful and best for climbing hills. But it’s only possible when your ebike is paired with the right size battery i.e., correct voltage and amp-hour. So the question arises:

What size battery for a 750w ebike for excellent speed and performance on all types of surfaces and purposes? Well, there are so many combinations of batteries that can be paired with your 750w motor.

This article will guide you through everything about battery voltage & AH for your 750 watts electric bike along with the important factors that you must keep in mind while selecting battery size for your 750w ebike.

Read this article till the end as less knowledge is always harmful.

How to Manage a 750W Ebike with the Correct Battery Size?

750w ebike motor management

The average speed of a 750W e-bike is somewhere between 32 to 38 miles per hour which statistically results to be a more challenging speed to ride around the city. What we have learned is that the battery size is one of the prominent influences here.

So, if you are too afraid that a higher-watt e-bike is not best suited for your neighborhood or the usual type of riding trail then there are certain ways to play along with the battery size to smartly balance out the power to suit your riding style.

Now this goes either way, from increasing the efficiency of the battery for deriving optimum power to using a comparatively smaller battery size for a more modulated speed.

Hence, the question of what size battery for a 750W ebike truly depends on what you are reaching for (your purpose).

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What Voltage Battery for 750w Ebike Motor?

Lets us explore the two types of batteries that you can select for your 750w ebike:

High-capacity battery

Using a 48V battery, which is the maximum range of voltage that could be used for a 750W e-bike. Also, having an ampere rating of 16Ah for maximizing the capacity. What I mean is.

If you go with a high-capacity battery i.e., 48v 16Ah or 48v 20Ah  or more, you would achieve excellent speed and performance on a 750-watt electric bike. Keep the battery power at around 750 watts. It’s enough for a 750w ebike.

Low-capacity ebike battery

is low capacity battery good for 750 watt ebike

Assisting your e-bike with a battery of 36V helps you bring down the high power. Sticking to the lower rating of the ampere range could also help you balance the high power generated by a 750W e-bike. Here, that would be 15.6Ah.

But the main point is if your battery is not powerful enough, the ebike motor would not work properly and would start heating. Resulting in low speed and torque.

However, if you go with a 36v battery which is rarely paired with a 750w electric bike. Then, the performance would fall down as the battery would be not capable enough to provide the required wattage or power to the 750w motor.

Generally, most 750w ebikes don’t support a 36-volts battery so make sure to check this.

Is It Safe to Use a Smaller Size Battery for a 750W Ebike?

Where riders still tend to use a smaller battery size even on a higher-watt e-bike be it for decreasing the capacity of the e-bike or for saving up the electricity bill. Whatever the reason may be using a smaller battery size on a high-power motor like 750W is never ideal.

calculation of battery size for 750w ebike

A 750W e-bike and its components require a minimum of 750 watts (48V 15.6Ah battery capacity) to work effectively so when you are using a lower capacity battery instead it affects the mechanism in a negative way.

For say, when you use a smaller-size battery, the 750W motor naturally draws more current than an average amount. This eventually leads to overheating of the motor.

Apart from the degradation in the motor’s efficiency, other components of the bike as well are equally affected in their performance because of insufficient energy supply. The gears, brakes, or even the derailleurs tend to drop their performance.

From the actual safety concern, using a smaller battery size on a 750W e-bike means reducing the range of the e-bike.

Generally, a 750W e-bike has an average range of 35 to 40 mph which is quite an assistant for those uneven trails and off-roading, this becomes a little difficult for the rider when the power supply is reduced due to a descent in the range of the battery.

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Features to Consider for a Correct 750W Ebike Battery Size

correct battery size for 750w ebike

Is it the same when you are using a smaller capacity battery and a higher capacity one or are there any distinctive features that you must look into before investing in a battery meant for powering a higher-watt e-bike?

Well, what most riders fail to recognize while choosing the correct battery size because there are specific features to evaluate which can truly increase the performance of a battery and makes it perfectly suited for your 750W e-bike.

Let’s see what the distinctive features to look for in a battery meant to power a higher-power motor are.

Power density

This holds as one of the major factors for deciding upon the efficiency of a battery. It majorly gives you the amount of power a battery can provide per unit of the e-bike’s weight.

Knowing how much power is generated upon each unit of volume helps you balance the riding weight for extracting the most efficient power-to-weight ratio.

Thermal management

It doesn’t matter how many precautions you take to avoid overheating your battery, it is evident it heats up when the battery powers a higher-watt motor. Along with that other conditions like weather and riding hours also lead a battery to heat up.

In order to prevent the same and ensure a safe ride, you must have a thermal management system that helps cool down the battery and prevent overheating.

Higher discharge-rate

A crucial feature that is mandatory for a higher-capacity battery is the current discharge rate. A 750W e-bike needs a boost of high power at a continuous rate hence the battery you are using must discharge at higher rates, delivering power quickly.

Riding life

When we say riding life, it does not mean the warranty or how many years the battery will last rather, it is the calculation of the number to charge and discharge cycles the battery can go through without a significant decline in its capacity or performance level.

Moreover, you must look for safety measures like short-circuits protection and sufficient capacity for storing more energy.

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How to Service Your Higher-Capacity Ebike Battery?

A perfectly sized battery for your 750W e-bike is one which is maintained properly and in a periodic time. You might have the perfect capacity and watt-hours battery but if you don’t maintain it over time the rides could be impacted negatively which also brings safety measures into the spotlight.

Hence, you can follow these methods to keep your higher-capacity battery in check. After all, a higher-capacity battery has more to work.

Some of the prominent safety measures are following any pre-instructed rules for your battery by the manufacturer for minimizing damage.

Another healthy habit is to keep the battery charged even when not in use since discharging the battery to the lowest percentage reduces the lifespan of the cells.

Moreover, storing the battery in a dry at room temperature environment is always advisable. Apart from these getting your high-capacity battery serviced by a professional or manufacturer after long or hefty rides will help you monitor the issues and repair them.

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Conclusion: Correct Battery Size for 750 Watt Ebike

Today, a 750W e-bike motor means the motor is capable of producing 750 watts of power which gives awesome torque and speed on hills. Therefore, such e-bikes are mostly used by mountain riders and race cyclists.

Hence, it becomes quite crucial to have knowledge of one of the major components that derive such a high-power motor. Knowing the mechanism of the ebike battery size and how to balance it according to your preference is the ultimate capability a rider can have.

We tried our best to enlighten you about the correct ways to understand battery usage further than the voltage, capacity, or chemical composition of the battery.

Still, if you have any questions in your mind about what size battery for a 750w ebike, write us in the comment section below.

Keep Riding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What size battery for a 750w ebike

Q1. What is the minimum capacity required for a 750W e-bike battery?

A 750W e-bike motor requires a battery of 48V hence if you want to calculate the minimum capacity required then simply divide the watts by voltage. Here, 750 W/ 48 V = 15.6 Ah. So, the minimum capacity required will be between 15 to 16 Ah.

Q2. Can I use my 500W e-bike battery for the 750W one?

We do not advise riders to use the same watt-hours battery for a 750W e-bike as they do for their 500W one. One of the major reasons is that the motor and battery are mechanized to perform together. Hence, using a smaller battery size could strain the motor and damage it.

Q3. What is the average speed I can reach using a 48V 20Ah battery on a 750W e-bike?

Well, it depends on various factors like weight, weather conditions, or the type of trail you are riding on, however, a rough estimation for speed range, when you are using a 48V 20Ah battery, is between 30 to 35 miles per hour.

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