How Fast Can a 750-Watt Ebike Go? An Ultimate Guide

Electric bikes with a 750-watt motor and battery are powerful enough for hill climbing as they accelerate quickly and provide faster speed. So the question is How fast does a 750w electric bike go on various surfaces?

Don’t worry! I got you covered as I have already tested my 750w ebike on various terrains. The maximum speed I could achieve on a 750w ebike is 35 mph (less than 1000w ebike top speed), this speed may vary for you depending on various factors.

You know there is a legal law that regulates ebike speed. Both a 750w ebike and a 500w ebike have a top speed of up to 28 mph in the USA, it may also differ from state to state.

In this blog article, we will explore the different aspects that determine how fast a 750-watt ebike goes, giving you a comprehensive overview of what to expect from a 750w electric bike along with its pros and cons.

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What is a 750w Electric Bike? All You Need to Know!

An electric bike with a powerful motor that is capable of generating an output power of 750 watts is known as a “750-watt ebike”. Well, 750 watts is a good amount of wattage for an electric bike for all purposes.

Well, 750w motors are installed in electric mountain bikes giving significant assistance to bikers while riding uphill and making the riding experience more adventurous.

Also, a 750w ebike motor accelerates faster than a 500w motor making them perfect for climbing hills.

How does a 750-watt motor work?

Electric bikes with 750-watt motors provide good performance in hills or rough terrain because they have excellent torque and speed. But how this motor works on an ebike?

As you know an ebike motor moves the wheel with the help of battery power. And the ebike motor assists the rider in two ways i.e., throttle mode and pedal assistance mode.

Once you start pedaling, the motor gets activated and assists whether you ride on a plane, rough, or climb hills. As you pedal fast, your speed will increase and vice-versa.

But the speed is limited to some extent as per the law if you don’t want to pedal. No worries! You can use the throttle mode without pedaling too. But throttle mode consumes more battery power and reduces the range.

So overall an ebike motor helps your leg while pedaling saves your energy to some extent and consumes battery power.

Which battery should I use on my 750-watt ebike?

Battery plays a very important role in an ebike if you want to achieve a good range and speed. So always pair your 750w ebike motor with the correct voltage and AH battery.

A 750-watt motor needs a 750 WH battery if you want to achieve a good speed and range. To calculate the watt-hour of a battery, you need to multiply the volt (V) by the Amp-hour (AH).

In my experience, most ebikes with a 750w ebike motor are paired with a 48-volt battery. You can find this on the motor too or contact the brand for voltage.

Having the correct voltage battery is very important otherwise motor would start heating up because the battery would not be able to supply the required power.

After deciding the voltage of the battery for a 750w motor, decide on the AH. Just divide 750wh by 48v, and you will get the AH i.e., 16 Ah. So the 48v 16Ah battery would be perfect with a 750w ebike motor. Read the detailed guide on 48v ebike top speed.

There are a lot of things to consider while selecting a battery size so read the full guide on how to select a battery size for your 750w ebike.

Who should ride a 750-watt ebike?

There is no doubt that a 750w ebike is powerful, offers good speed on all types of surfaces, and so on. However, they are expensive, heavy, and not legal in the UK & EU. Don’t worry! they are legal in the USA.

So if you are a beginner (just entered into biking), going with a 750w ebike would not be a good idea. First, you should go with a 250w or 350w ebike so that you learn how to ride an ebike for the first time.

If you are an experienced rider, going with a 750w ebike would be a perfect fit for you as this bike offers faster speed on hills and plane roads. Go with a higher-wattage ebike if you are into hunting because a 1500w ebike accelerates faster on trails.

Pros and Cons of Riding a 750w Ebike

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of riding a 750w electric bike so that you can make an informed decision if you are planning to invest in a 750w ebike.


  • Faster than 250w, 350w, and 500w ebikes because it has more power and torque.
  • A great option for those who want a bike with good speed.
  • 750w ebikes are safe and legal to ride in the United States, as US e-bike law allows the bikes to have 750 watts of power.
  • These bikes are safe to ride because of high-traction tires and dual brakes, and they are also easy to control.
  • Offers good pedal assistance, is capable of climbing hills and rough terrains well, and also gives good performance on roads as well.
  • Most importantly, ebikes are environment-friendly as they don’t use fuel, so they don’t harm the environment by causing air pollution and global warming.


  • Not perfect for beginners as it becomes difficult to control because of its high wattage power and faster speed.
  • These bikes have a much higher wattage which consumes battery power quickly.
  • 750w ebikes are more expensive than 500-watt or lower-wattage e-bikes.

How Fast Does a 750w Electric Bike Go Legally?

You already know that ebikes with 750w motors are legal in the USA and their speed is limited to 28 mph (45 km/h). It means the motor stops assisting once the bike reaches 28 mph. But what about higher-wattage ebikes such as 2000w electric bike’s top speed?

Therefore, the top speed of a 750w ebike is up to 28 mph using throttle mode on plane roads and this speed may vary depending on motor type, battery size, bike type, rider weight, etc. Well, you can increase this speed to 35 mph or more by pedaling.

But don’t play any tricks with the controller to increase the bike speed as it is illegal and unsafe for you. I also took a ride on a 750w mid-drive motor ebike on various terrains so let’s explore the 750w electric bike top speed.

Top speed of an ebike with a 750-watt hub motor

A hub motor e-bike simply means the motor is placed at the front or rear wheel of the electric bicycle. Some hub motors are also placed at the front wheel but don’t provide much speed.

In general, electric bicycles with 750-watt hub motors give a 20–28 mph speed on plane roads. It is the most commonly used motor because it is easy to assemble & maintain, as well as cheaper than the mid-drive motor.

Maximum speed on a 750-watt mid-drive motors

Mid-drive motors are placed at the center of the electric bike i.e., Crankset. These mid-drive motors are known for their better performance and high torque. Mid-drive motors power the front suspension along with pedal power to give a smooth ride to the rider.

In general, electric bicycles with 750-watt mid-drive motors can go up to 32 mph speed. However, their legal speed is limited to 28 mph. Actually, the mid-drive motor ebikes accelerate faster than the hub motor so they look fast.

750w electric mountain bike top speed

Electric mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding. These bikes are used to ride on tough and uneven terrain where a lot of bumps a rider faces. Mountain bikes with 750w motors provide good acceleration making them perfect for hill climbing.

The top speed of a 750w electric mountain bike is somewhere around 15-20 mph because of uneven terrain. But they accelerate very fast because of their high torque and power.

Ebike top speed according to its voltage!

Factors Affecting the Speed of a 750w Ebike

There are so many factors that affect the speed of an electric bike and make it slow or fast. Let’s see them one by one.

1. Type of terrain (road)

The place where you are riding affects the speed and acceleration of an electric bike. Electric bikes will be able to go faster on flat roads than on hilly or rough roads. Well, 750w ebikes are mostly used for hill climbing as they accelerate brilliantly on hills.

2. Rider and bike weight

The weight of the rider and the weight of the bike also affect the speed of an electric bike. If there is less weight on the bike, it will easily work at a good speed, but if there is a lot of weight on the bike and the rider is also heavy, it affects the speed and makes the bike run slowly.

3. Speed limit by the law

Before you ride a bike, it is essential to understand the rules of riding and how much speed is allowed in your country. In the United States, the maximum speed on an ebike is limited to 28 mph.

4. Battery capacity

The voltage of the ebike battery also affects the speed of an electric bike. If you have a high-voltage battery, you will get high speed, but if the battery has a low voltage, it will decrease the speed of an electric bike.

So always select the correct size battery for your 750w ebike.

5. Riding style

How you ride a bike also determines your speed on an ebike. If you use brakes frequently or ride in the opposite direction of the wind it will give more pressure on the motor and will reduce your ebike speed.

Is It Legal to Ride a 750-watt Ebike in the USA?

Riding an electric bike on the road is legal in the United States in fact there are some regulations on e-bike riding. According to the NCSL, there is a maximum speed limit i.e., ebikes should not travel at more than 20 mph in throttle mode and 28 mph in pedal assist mode.

As per federal law, an e-bike with 750 watts and lower than 750 watts is allowed to ride in the United States. This rule may vary depending on the state. So always check whether your state allows for a 750w ebike.

Rules for riding a 750-watt electric bike

  • In general, you must be at least 16 years old to be able to ride an electric bike in the United States.
  • In some states of the United States, you need a license to ride a class 3 (750 watts) e-bike, while in other states you don’t.
  • Electric bikes with a 20 mph speed or under 20 mph range are allowed and legal to ride in the USA without a license.
  • In most states of the United States, you must wear a helmet to ride an electric bicycle or bike.
  • In some states, you need bike insurance to ride your electric bike on roads.

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Conclusion: 750w Electric Bike Top Speed

Now you know the top speed of a 750w electric bike is 28 mph with quick acceleration making it a perfect fit for riding on hills. Your riding speed will decrease if you are carrying heavy weights, riding uphill, or due to other factors.

If you are planning to purchase one for yourself, get one only if your purpose is for riding on hills, otherwise don’t go for it because the legal speed of a 500w and 750w ebike is 28 mph.

I hope you have got your answer after reading this comprehensive article on how fast does a 750w electric bike go. If I have missed something or you have any doubt ask us in the comment below.

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Keep Riding & Stay Safe!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are 750 watts enough for an ebike?

Yes! An ebike with a 750 watts motor is more than enough whether you ride on plane roads, mountainous surfaces, or anything in between. The riding speed may vary but you can safely and legally ride a 750w ebike in the USA.

Q2. How fast is a 750w ebike in mph?

Generally, the top speed of a 750w electric bike is up to 28 mph along with the 85 NM torque (it may vary from brand to brand). This is an excellent combination for an ebike SUV.

Q3. Can I increase my 750w ebike speed beyond the legal limit?

750w electric bike already offers a top speed of 28 miles per hour which is equal to 45 km/h. Going beyond this limit will be illegal and unsafe for you because the components on the bike may not be compatible with higher speeds.

Q4. How fast can a 48v 750W ebike motor go?

If you’re wondering how fast a 48V 750w electric bike motor can go, it can reach a top speed of around 28-30 mph (45-48 kph) in ideal conditions.

It’s worth noting that local laws and regulations may limit how fast electric bikes can legally go, so it’s a good idea to check to ensure you’re not breaking any laws or anything.

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