250w vs 350w Motor on an Electric Bike: Which One to Choose?

The motor is one of the most important parts of an electric bike as its wattage determines the speed. Electric bikes come in different motor sizes and wattages, such as 250w, 350w, 500w, and so on.

Out of them, 250w and 350w motors for ebikes are very popular. But, If you are planning to buy an electric bike for the first time, you must be thinking about which motor-size electric bike to buy i.e., 250w vs 350w motor.

Which one is perfect for excellent performance? Are 250 watts enough for an ebike or 350 watts? Which ebike is perfect for uphill rides 350w or 250w? And factors to consider while comparing 250w vs 350w ebike motor. We are going to discuss them all.

So read this article till the end if you want to know how 250w & 350w ebike motors perform along with the major differences between them. Then, you yourself decide which ebike motor is best.

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What is the Wattage or Watt in Ebike Motor?

Wattage tells how much energy a motor can consume in an hour. Wattage, or watts, is a unit that measures the amount of energy a motor consumes per hour. Watt is an international unit used to measure electric power. Know more.

The Watts of a motor determines the speed of an ebike. The motor comes in different sizes and wattages, ranging from the lowest at 250 watts to the highest at 1000 watts and even more. Wattage, location of the motor, and torque are a few factors that determine the speed of an e-bike.

So, Is a higher-wattage motor faster?

Yes, It is. A higher motor wattage ebike accelerates more quickly and gives more speed and torque. Whereas, Lower ebike motor wattage provides less speed and torque.

Most e-bikes come in these two ranges of wattage i.e., 250 watts and 350 watts. Before buying an electric bike with a higher wattage, you must check whether you are allowed to ride a bike with a higher speed or wattage in your locality or town.

In the United States, there is a law that says you cannot ride an electric bike with more than 750 watts. It is illegal to drive an electric bike with more than 750w on roads or in public places in the USA. So it’s better to choose an electric bike that is legally safe to drive to avoid any kind of illegal issues.

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Features of 250w Motor Ebike: Why Choose?

250 watts motor is the lowest watts used on an electric bike. That’s why it is fixed in entry-level ebikes for beginners, making this ebike affordable and lightweight.

250w ebike motor features

A 250-watt ebike has two different kinds of motors depending on the location:

  • Mid-drive motor (the motor is located in the center of the bike), and
  • Rear/Front hub motor (the motor is located within the hub).

250-watt e-bikes are good for average and beginner riders. In the United States, it is safe and legal to drive a 250-watt electric bike.

250w motors need smallest battery (36v) making these ebikes lightweight. They give good performance on flat roads and can also be used on hilly roads.

These ebikes are much more affordable and comfortable to use. Also, 250w mid-drive e-bikes are enough for average riders to ride on the hill.

A 250-watt electric bike has a speed range of up to 20 miles per hour (30 km/h).

Therefore, 250-watt e-bikes are best for the average-weight person (50 kg to 70 kg), although high-weight people can also ride them. Well, 250 watts is a powerful wattage for plenty of riders, and it gives good, nice assistance while pedaling to riders.

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Can a 250w ebike climb a hill?

250-watt electric bikes surely can go uphill. How a 250w ebike will perform on hills depends on the type of motor, whether it has a mid-drive motor or a hub-drive motor.

Torque is also responsible for how well an e-bike will perform on hills. Driving a 250-watt motor on a flat surface won’t use much wattage, but riding on rough roads and uphill requires full wattage.

250w hub motor ebike is enough to ride on small hills for most riders. But for long hills, a 250-watt mid-drive motor performs better than the hub motor because it has more torque.

However, a 250w ebike motor is not perfect for riding uphills all the time because the wattage is very less than it needs while riding uphills. If you do so again and again, the motor will heat and may get damaged.

Is a 250 watts motor enough for an e-bike?

250 watt ebike on flat roads

Yes! it is enough for most electric bike riders (best for beginners) because 250-watt ebikes give good assistance on flat roads and small hills, too. But it depends on several factors, such as the rider’s weight, torque, controller, and pedaling where you are going to drive.

And if you use good brands of 250-watt bikes, such as Shimano and Bosch, with mid-drive motors and 48v batteries, it is more than enough for most e-bike riders.

Features of a 350 Watts Motor: Why Choose?

350-watt motor ebikes are perfectly safe and legal to use in the United States. It also has two different kinds of motors: hub-drive motors and mid-drive motors.

350w ebike features and benefits

The 350-watt ebike is cheaper than 500-watt bikes and 750-watt e-bikes but it’s more expensive than the 250w ebike. It gives good speed assistance and good acceleration.

Mid-drive 350-watt e-bikes are better than 350-watt hub-drive e-bikes because mid-drive has more torque than hub-drive 350-watt bikes and is perfect for an average-weight person (62 kg to 75 kg).

This ebike is a great fit for those who want a lightweight e-bike. 350-watt e-bikes usually come with 36-volt or 48v batteries. Compared to 250-watt electric bikes, most 350-watt bikes have higher acceleration, torque, speed, and motor power.

The speed of a 350w e-bike ranges from 20 to 25 miles per hour or up to 35 km/h. 350w electric bikes are great to ride on hills as driving on hills requires full wattage, but if you are using this bike on a flat road, it won’t use full wattage.

Can a 350-watt e-bike go uphill?

350w ebike best for uphill

Yes! It can. As 350 watts is a good amount of wattage for an electric bike to have for all types of terrain. 350-watt bikes give good performance on flat roads and on hills as well. Both ebikes with 350w mid-drive motor or hub-drive motor perform brilliantly uphills.

The performance and speed of the 350-watt mid-drive bike are higher than those of the 350-watt hub-drive bike. These bikes are great for hill riding. The torque and the controller are also responsible for determining the performance and speed of the bike on hills.

Overall, 350-watt e-bikes give very good assistance on lower hills, and they also perform well on long hills.

Is 350w ebike enough for all purposes? Yes!

Yes, 350 watts is more than enough for an e-bike as they perform very well and give much good assistance on flat roads as well as on hills.

Generally, 350-watt ebikes with mid-drive motors give better performance than hub-drive motors because mid-drive motors are connected to the pedal providing more torque.

If your goal is to ride on plane roads as well as uphills, an ebike with a 350w motor is the best to ride. 350-watt electric bikes from brands like Shimano and Bosch are great options.

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250w vs 350w Ebike: Major Differences

Basis250-Watts Ebike350-Watts Ebike
Wattage250w ebikes have lower wattage therefore such e-bikes consume less battery power (energy).350w ebikes have more wattage therefore they consume more battery power (energy).
SpeedIt has less speed ranging from 16 to 20 miles per hour on flat roads. Also, speed reduces on hills.It has a very good speed ranging from 20 to 25 miles per hour.
WeightIt is lightweight as it does not require a heavy battery.It is heavier than a 250w ebike as it requires a heavy battery i.e., 48v or 52v battery.
PowerIt offers less power and torque as compared to a 350-watt ebike.It offers more power and torque as compared to a 250w electric bike.
UsageIt is suitable for riding on flat roads and on small hills. Perfect for beginners.It is suitable for riding on roads as well as on small or long hills.
Price250w is the cheapest ebike as the price range is around $500 to $1500.350w ebike is more expensive than 250w. It ranges somewhere between $1200 to $2000.

Final Verdict: Which is Better 250w vs 350w Motor?

Both 250-watt e-bikes and 350-watt e-bikes are enough for riding and are well-liked by riders. Both bikes are lightweight, affordable, and good for commuting.

Which e-bike is best and enough for you depends on you and your needs, the place where you want to ride, how you want to use the bike, and also on the rider’s weight.

If you are a lightweight person and you will be riding an ebike on streets and a few hills, a 250-watt e-bike is perfect for you.

But if you are someone with average or above-average weight and if you want to ride on long hills and want good speed on hills, a high-powered 350-watt e-bike is enough for you.

Before making a final decision, you must know which type of frame is perfect for you on an ebike: Step Through Vs Step Over Ebike: What’s the Difference?

Thanks for reading this article till here, If you have any doubts regarding the 250w vs 350w motor of an electric bike. Ask us in the comment section below.

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FAQs: 250w vs 350w Ebike

  • Is a 350w electric bike best for loading goods?

    Yes! absolutely. 350w ebikes are best for loading goods as 350-watt motors have more power and torque than a 250w ebike motor. Most entry-level cargo electric bikes are equipped with 350w motors.

  • How fast does a 250w ebike go?

    The speed of an electric bike is controlled by the controller and it varies from country to country. Generally, a 250w ebike motor offers a speed of up to 20 miles per hour in the USA (not more than that).

  • How fast can a 350w electric bike motor go?

    350w and 500w motors are classified as class 3 ebikes which give a maximum speed of up to 28 miles per hour, and this speed may vary from surface to surface.

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