12Ah vs 20Ah E-Bike Battery: Which is Better?

In the last few years, you must have observed the regular pull bikes being substituted by emerging e-bikes, even the MTBs being turned and supported by electric motors and batteries.

However, you are hesitating to make this environment-friendly yet effective switch because you might be confused between a 12Ah vs 20Ah ebike battery while converting your regular bike into electric or purchasing a new one.

So don’t worry! We have come up with the exact solution for that, majorly cyclists prefer either a 12Ah or 20Ah battery for their e-bike. But that is where the confusion starts.

Which is better? Which battery sustains more power, takes less electricity, and above all suits your ebike the best? We have discussed it all in this article.

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What is AH in an Ebike Battery?

AH stands for amp-hours which indicates the capacity of the battery. Basically, it’s a measurement of charge that is how much current (energy) can a battery deliver in an hour.

It means higher AH batteries last longer on a single charge compared to batteries with low Amp-hours (AH).

When it comes to a 12ah vs 20ah ebike battery, a 20 AH (amp-hours) battery provides more range as compared to a 12Ah ebike battery on a single charge.

How to Calculate the AH of an Ebike Battery?

What is AH in an Ebike Battery

Before deciding which Ah battery is the better one, it is crucial to know how much power the battery of your e-bike can resist. While you might think that a higher-rate battery will make your ebike faster, it could slow your bike down and rather damage the motor system.

To avoid this common mistake let’s understand one easy method by which you can always apply and choose the better and correct power battery for your e-bike.

As we know, electric bikes are powered by voltage (V) and we will simply multiply ampere-hours(Ah) to get Wh or watt-hours. On average, you can cover at least 1.5 miles with 3Wh.

For example, if we take a 30 Volt 12Ah battery then its power range will be 360Wh. A lower power range indicates higher speed.

Apart from that, the weight of the battery is it weather-resistant or not? plays a very important role when deciding on a battery for your e-bike.

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Type of Ebike Batteries: What Power Battery to Use?

Type of Electric bike Batteries

Batteries are the lifeline of an e-bike, hence choosing the correct one becomes very crucial. An apt battery of correction and power could result in enhanced performance and the long life of your e-bike.

Let’s see the types of e-bike batteries for different categories of bikes and what is the correct power for its purpose.

To start with there are majorly two types of e-bike batteries, lithium-ion, and lead-acid batteries. However, it is important to state that the type of battery doesn’t play a significant role while choosing the unit power.

But what bicycle you are riding, whether it is an MTB, hybrid or regular gear e-bike along with your purpose of riding? Let’s see what power battery you should use to optimize your e-bike’s performance.

Electric MTB

If you own an electric MTB and use it for off-roading often then you should go for a battery of 15 to 20Ah at maximum. This amount of power is sufficient for assisting your adventurous rides.

Hybrid E-Bike

When it comes to hybrid bikes, they serve multiple trail rides be it an evening stroll in your neighbourhood or a thrilling one by the uneven trails, hence a minimum of 12.8 Ah battery is mandatory for its efficient performance.

Regular Gear E-bike

Mostly we use regular gear e-bikes for daily riding or racing competitions, and for that, a battery of 10 to 12Ah could easily power speed your rides for a longer period.

A 12Ah E-Bike Battery: Performance, Capability, Maintenance, and much more

difference between 12ah and 20ah battery

The Ah of a battery influences multiple other features as well which determine your e-bike’s performance. Apart from this, you must know how to maintain the battery for sustainable performance over some time. So let’s see the pros and cons of a 12 Ah battery!

Benefits of a 12 Ah Battery on an Ebike:

  • 12Ah batteries have a higher density which implies fast charging.
  • A 12Ah battery is lighter hence it would not add up to your bike.
  • It can last up to multiple cycling rides.
  • 12Ah batteries have an efficient battery management system that is safe and secure.

Disadvantages of a 12 Ah Battery on an Electric Bike:

  • Most light batteries do not have a heat-resistant feature.
  • To ensure that your battery lasts long, you might have to charge it regularly.
  • 12 Ah batteries cannot be stored with metal objects.
  • You have to be careful if you are using the correct voltage as suggested as lower Ah batteries are pretty sensitive to changing voltage.

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A 20Ah E-bike Battery: Performance, Capability, Maintenance, and much more

It is often misunderstood that a heavy-duty higher 20Ah value battery could damage your e-bike. However, it might be true but once you are aware of its features and how to maintain and what not to do could bring out the true efficiency of a 20Ah battery.

Benefits of a 20 Ah Battery on an Ebike:

  • Being a high-volt battery, it is protected by a built-in circuit to prevent it from overheating and over-charging.
  • The battery lasts each long ride without giving up mid-ride.
  • A 20Ah battery is best suited for running errands, daily cycling, etc.
  • A 20Ah battery has a higher capacity which does allow you to use a higher resistant charging connection for rapid charging.

Disadvantages of a 20 Ah Battery on an Electric Bike:

  • A high-power battery directly means a heavier weight which could slow down your bike on difficult trails.
  • Heavy-duty batteries heat up easily and you might have to invest in some cooling features.
  • They need higher maintenance throughout their period or their performance may decline.
  • A higher voltage battery means higher consumption of electricity to charge, which increases your maintenance charge.

What to Choose: 20Ah Vs 12Ah Ebike Battery?

To finally decide and help you choose the correct power for your battery, it is safe to say that you must choose a battery only after evaluating all the factors we mentioned. Apart from that, look into your e-bike’s watt-hours capacity otherwise it might hamper or damage your e-bike motor.

A 12Ah battery is best suited for electric MTBs and rugged trails since they are light and go pretty fast assisting your rides quite smoothly, whereas a 20Ah battery’s charge lasts for weeks and is perfect for bulk riding. For example, if you provide delivery services on your electric bike then a 20Ah battery is best for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions: Difference Between 12ah and 20ah Battery

Q1. What is the difference between 12Ah and 20Ah battery?

20ah battery will double your capacity and range over 12ah battery. The capacity of the battery is measured in AH (Amp Hours). Here, AH is nothing but the amount of work it can perform. So, a 20ah battery will be more capable than a 12ah battery.

Q2. What size battery is best for E-bike?

The battery for an electric bike depends on various factors like the type of bike, terrain, weight and load capacity and riding style. Benchmark standard of battery – It is recommended that electric bike batteries have a minimum capacity of 10 amp hours.

Q3. Can I use a higher Ah battery in my Ebike?

Yes, You can change to the higher Ah battery but make sure the battery voltage matches. If the battery voltage matches then you can increase or decrease the capacity (AH) you want.

Conclusion on 12Ah or 20Ah Ebike Battery

Be it a 12Ah or 20Ah battery, what matters is how good are your skills, this detailed summary of battery power to choose from is simply to give a push and enhance your existing skills.

Having the correct battery increases the efficiency and performance of an e-bike which results in a smooth riding experience. Now, we hope that if someone asks you what is the difference between 12ah and 20ah ebike battery? you have the answer!

Keep Riding!

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