How Fast Can a 350W Electric Bike Go? Unveiling Speed Potential & Performance Factors

Electric bikes have become the next best addition to the evolution of electric vehicles. They are faster, lighter, easy to ride, stylish, and more effective than your regular push bikes!

Amongst so many electric bikes of various watt powers, we believe that the ones with 350w motor ebikes are the best suited according to the legal speed limits, the weight of the rider, varied terrains, battery level, and much more.

However, you must know how fast can a 350w electric bike go on various terrains i.e. 350w electric bike top speed in MPH and KM/H. What is the top speed that the most popular e-bikes can go? What affects the speed of your e-bike?

And, how can you get top speed from your 350-watt motor electric bike?

In this detailed article, we have covered all the information you must have about electric bikes of varied watt powers and their speed criteria!

350w Electric Bike Top Speed in Miles Per Hour (mph)

According to some best ebike brands, an electric bike powered by a 350-watt motor can go up to a maximum speed of 25 mph (40km/h). It is the best option for everyday city riding.

However, the speed of a 350-watt e-bike depends on multiple factors such as the weight of the rider, terrain, voltage of the battery, battery age, and bike weight.

Let’s see how to maximize the speed of a 350W e-bike by correctly evaluating these factors!

5 Factors Affecting the Speed of an Electric Bike

1. Weight of the rider

The weight of the rider does not only mean your body weight but also includes the weight you are carrying along. Like bags, cycling gear, and so on.

A 350-watt-powered electric bike will struggle to pick up speed beyond 20mph if it is loaded with a lot of weight.

2. Speed varies from terrain to terrain

top speed of 350w electric bike

You should know that your 350-watt electric bike is not the best for hilly terrains because of a less effective motor. But on plain terrains, this ebike can go as much as 25mph and give you a smooth riding experience.

3. Capacity of the battery

It is necessary to consider the voltage and ampere hour of a battery for a 350w ebike if you want to enjoy the maximum speed on a 350-watt electric bike.

For example, a lithium-ion battery of 36 volts with 10Ah has only 360 WH that will power your 350-watt electric bike for an hour (approx).

You need to check the required voltage of the 350w motor (mentioned on the motor itself). Generally, the majority of 350-watt motors need 36 volts.

So you need at least a 36v 10ah ebike battery for your 350w ebike motor to achieve a reasonable speed. Read more about the 36-volt ebike top speed (both mph & km/h).

4. How healthy is your Ebike

A well-maintained 350w ebike means, all the components such as a motor, battery, drivetrain, sensors, and throttle are working properly. Such ebikes offer good speed, they may go beyond 25mph sometimes.

Whereas, If the electric bike is not maintained properly. It would not give a good speed even on plain and smooth roads.

For example, if the Ebike battery (old battery) is not providing power to the motor at its full capacity, the range will reduce and thus speed.

5. Weight and Size of the bike

This is one of the major factors that affect the speed of your 350W electric bike. However, it is very simple a bigger and lighter bike will go faster (Just like a 2000-watt electric bike’s speed) and smoother than a smaller and heavier one.

So, your 350-watt e-bike can go beyond 25mph on a plane road if you maintain every criterion. But a minimum range of 20-25 mph is a guarantee for a 350-watt power electric bike!

Most Popular Electric Bike Top Speed: Find Your Electric Bike Speed

There are so many electric bikes available with various wattages (250w, 350w, 500w to 5000w) motors and each of them offers a different speed. We have tested these bikes and found the maximum speed of ebike motors with 350w, 250w, 500w, 750w, and so on.

How Fast Can a 250w Ebike Go?

It would seem obvious that a higher wattage will give your electric bike a faster speed, but a 250w motor is enough to give a good assist to the rider’s peddling.

Generally, the maximum speed of an electric bike with a 250w motor is up to 15.5 mph in the UK & EU, and up to 20 mph in the United States.

Moreover, in most electric bikes, the mid-drive motors provide more power out of less wattage because they give more torque. Along with that, a 250-watt ebike requires a smaller battery to operate so that automatically makes your bike lighter!

Another major perk of having a 250-watt powered electric bike (which comes under the class 1 category) is that you would not require a license for it since only bikes that speed over 25mph require a license.

500w Electric Bike Top Speed

As I have already mentioned above the top speed of an electric bike is dependent on the motor’s wattage and battery size. Therefore, a Higher wattage ebike needs the same voltage as the motor demands.

But still, people are confused and ask what size battery for a 500w ebike. It’s simple, a 48v 500-watt ebike motor needs a 48v battery to achieve the bike’s maximum speed potential.

However, high-wattage batteries take a long time to charge as well they are expensive and add some extra weight to the bike as they are heavier than low-wattage ebikes.

When it comes to speed, the speed of a 500w electric bike is around 25-28mph (40 – 45 km/h) on plain terrains. They are the best electric bikes for adventurous rides on hilly terrains.

A 500w electric bike is faster than 250w and 350w electric bikes, also the speed is within the legal limits. You will get a premium experience, more so if you choose a fully electric bike rather than a peddle-assisted electric bike.

Electric Bike Top Speed Chart Ranging from 250W to 5000W

Ebike Motor WattageTop Speed (Standard)
(In miles per hour)
Top Speed
(In Km per hour)
250-watt16-20 mph (Green)25.7 km/h
350-watt20-25 mph (Green)32 km/h
500-watt25-28 mph (Green)40 km/h
750-watt28-32 mph (Green)45 km/h
1000-watt35-40 mph (Red)56 km/h
1500-watt40-45 mph (Red)64 km/h
2000-watt45-50 mph (Red)72 km/h
3000-watt55-60 mph (Red)88 km/h
5000-watt60-65 mph (Red)104 km/h

All the above-mentioned speeds may vary based on various factors such as rider’s weight, terrain, battery age, battery capacity, manufacturer of ebike, rider’s experience (beginner, intermediate or professional), and so on.

How Does an Electric Bike Work? An Overview!

Imagine your usual gasoline-powered engine bikes but a much more environment-friendly, convenient, and easy to ride around in the city; that’s what an electric bike is.

Well, how an electric bike works, it uses an electric motor to boost the ability to ride the bike by assisting power to the pedals. However, apart from the motors, there are certain components on which the electric bike runs.

Let us see how each of these components helps in the working of an electric bike!

1. Ebike Battery

A battery is one of the most essential components of an electric bike. It does not matter what your bike’s wattage is unless and until you have a good voltage battery to power the motor, your electric bike won’t be able to give its full potential without it.

These lithium core batteries have a very significant weight and hence are fitted at the low and center of the electric bikes to maintain balance.

Must read: How long to charge a 36V ebike battery?

2. The Ebike Motor

In an electric bike, the motors change the electric power into mechanical work by assisting the throttle to your peddles, when you are too tired riding. Broadly, there are three ways where the motor can be fitted into an electric bike.

Yes, the position of the motor does affect how an electric bike works.

Firstly, the rear hub motors are where the motor generates and rides the bike from the rear end (Back wheel). The rear hub motors are connected to the bike’s gears and are great for traction control.

Secondly, the mid-drive motors are usually seen in extensive electric bikes. They are fitted according to the center of gravity of the bike, which is usually with the frame.

Bikes with center-fitted motors give the best performance in the sense of speed, stability, and weight. Electric bikes with mid-drive motors are highly recommended.

Lastly, the front hub motors are not the favorites amongst riders. In a front hub design, since the motors are in the front fork of the front wheel to compensate for the weight, the battery is attached to the rear side, making the cycle a well-balanced one.

Additionally, the wattage of the motor also increases or decreases the speed. Higher motor wattage will provide high speed and lower wattage motor will provide less speed. For example, a 250w ebike motor offers 16mph, however, a 350w ebike motor offers 20mph speed.

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3. The Sensors

You can see the sensors of an electric bike as a medium of connection between the motors and your actions. The sensors of an ebike detect the action of your peddling and activate the motors to provide you power.

Usually, on ebikes, you can see on a display how much power the motor is assisting your pedals or what is the force of your peddling.

Top Benefits of Electric Bikes with a 350W Motor

Electric bikes are one of the best advancements in technology over gasoline/petrol motorbikes. They feature awesome benefits at affordable prices with no pollution and a lot more.

Let’s see what are the benefits of electric bikes with 350w motor power:

  • Affordability– This is one of the key factors, a 350w electric bike is cheaper than other powered ebikes. Honestly, a 350w ebike with 36 voltage battery at the market price range is an excellent deal!
  • Portability- A 350w motor ebike assisted with a 36-volt battery is very light and easy to ride and handle on difficult terrains. One major advantage of these e-bikes is their lightweight and sleek designs in the market!
  • Quite Motors- Even though the more powerful motors don’t necessarily make noise, it does vary from brand to brand. So, the 350w bikes are the best for riding along in your neighborhood without that loud motor noise.
  • Legal Speed- A 350-watt electric bike goes to a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour for which you would not be required to get a license in the USA! Hence, you can enjoy the experience of a motor-driven bike without worrying about the license rules and regulations.

Conclusion on the Maximum Speed of 350w Electric Bikes

Be it a high-wattage electric bike or a 350w electric bike, the idea of adding motors to your regular push bikes is just amazing. The fast cycling feels you get with the comfort of not peddling so hard is an amazing experience in itself.

You will feel the same when you achieve the top speed on your 350w electric bike while riding on the roads of your city.

However, the speed of a 350w electric bike is sufficient enough to reach a very enjoyable speed of 20 miles per hour. Sometimes, It may go up to 25 miles per hour if all the factors (mentioned above) are favorable.

All you need to do is check all the criteria and get yourself a very convenient, stylish, and fast-paced electric bike and get going with your rides!

Thanks for reading this article on how fast can a 350w electric bike go, do share this article with your e-biker friends.

Also, let us know in the comment what is the maximum speed of your 350w electric bike if you have one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it okay to invest in a 350W electric bike?

Yes, it is a very smart idea to invest in a 350-watt electric bike as it is best for both city rides and for your mini adventures. A bike with 20 miles per hour speed and minimal features with maximum performance is surely something you should invest in!

Q2. Is 350w enough for an electric bike?

It is a common misconception that a greater voltage motor will make your e-bike faster. Well, yes a 500w ebike will help in uphills but a 350-watt motor is more than enough for your regular rides. It gives you a smooth ride without worrying about heavy, noisy high-voltage motors.

Q3. What is better a 250w or 350w motor?

Well, the difference is 5 mph in terms of speed. If you are looking for just neighborhood cycling then a 250w very light bike that gets the job done is the best option.

However, if you want to cover some irregular terrains then a 350w motor is much more recommended. Also, a 250w motor takes just 20 minutes to charge whereas a 350w motor will easily take 35 minutes. Read more about 250W vs 350W ebikes.

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