How Long Does It Take to Charge a 36-Volt Ebike Battery? An Ultimate Guide

An ebike’s battery is one of the most important parts of an e-bike because it supplies power to the motor and helps run the e-bike. The battery comes in different sizes 36v, 48v, 52v, and 60 volts.

36-volt e-bike batteries are lightweight, give good power, are good for commuting purposes, and charge in less time. Now the question must be arising in your mind i.e., How long to charge a 36v ebike battery?

Throughout this article, we have discussed 36-volt e-bike batteries: how long to charge them? And questions like how much wattage a 36-volt battery takes to charge and the cost of charging a 36v ebike battery.

Also, how you can increase the lifespan of the 36v battery by simply following some charging tips and what factors affect the charging time of an e-bike battery.

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How Long to Charge a 36v Ebike Battery? Explained

Charging time for an e-bike battery depends on several factors, such as the battery’s size and capacity, the charger’s power, and environmental conditions. For a 36-volt e-bike battery, you need a 36-volt charger.

All 36v Batteries charging time

To charge a 36v ebike battery, You must use a charger compatible with a 36-volt e-bike battery or recommend by the bike manufacturer.

In general, charging a 36v 12ah ebike lithium-ion battery from 0 to 100 takes 4 to 6 hours if you charge it with a 3 Amp charger.

You can calculate the charging time for any ebike battery by using the formula below:

Charging time= Battery AH/Charger Amp

For eg: Charging time for 36v 12ah battery = 12ah/3a = 4 hours
Charging time for 36v 10ah battery = 10Ah/2A = 5 hours
Charging time for 36v 12ah battery = 12Ah/2A = 6 hours
Charging time for 36v 15ah battery = 15Ah/3A = 5 hours
Charging time for 36v 20ah battery = 20Ah/4A = 5 hours
Charging time for 36v 20ah battery = 20Ah/5A = 4 hours

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As you can see charging time also depends on the size of the battery (the ampere) and the charger’s capacity (Amp). If you use a high-power charger i.e., 5 Amps, it will take less time to charge an e-bike battery as compared to a low-power i.e., 2 or 3 Amp charger.

Charging time also depends on the state of the charge; if your battery is partially charged, it will take less time to charge.

Avoid overcharging an e-bike battery; it damages the battery and reduces its lifespan. However, you should give the battery 11–12 hours of charge if charging it for the first time to ensure that all cells are evenly charged.

What charger should I use for charging a 36v battery?

Each e-bike is different in terms of capacity and size of the battery, so every bike requires a separate charger. To increase the battery’s lifespan, make sure you use a compatible charger suitable for a 36-volt e-bike battery.

Using the wrong charger can permanently damage the battery and affect its lifespan. It is better to use a charger that is recommended by the manufacturer or brand of an e-bike. Make sure that the voltages of the charger and the battery are matched and compatible.

So, Always charge your 36v ebike battery with a 36-volt charger with 2 or 3 Amp.

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How much electricity does it take to charge a 36v battery?

how much electricity does 36v ebike battery take

Wattage is an international unit that is used to measure the amount of energy the bike is required to operate on. The higher the wattage, the better performance the bike will give.

In general, a 36v 13ah ebike battery takes around 500 watts to charge. One important thing to note here is that when a 36-volt battery is at 100%, it is considered at 42.0 volts.

You can calculate the wattage of an electric bike by simply multiplying the volts (V) and ampere hour (Ah).

Example: An electric bike with a 36-volt battery with 15Ah will take 540 watts to fully charge i.e., 36 volts x 15 amps = 540 watts.

How much does it cost to charge a 36-volt battery? 

Several factors determine and affect the cost of charging an electric bike, such as the electricity prices in a particular area, the state of charging, and the capacity and voltage of the battery. Charging an e-bike battery is still a cheaper option than filling the tank of a motorbike.

In general, charging an e-bike battery costs about $0.15 to $0.25 per kilowatt-hour. If your battery is fully depleted, it will cost more to charge than if it is partially charged.

You can calculate the cost of e-bike charging by simply multiplying the kilowatt-hour capacity of the battery by the price of electricity per kilowatt-hour.

Is a 36-volt battery enough for an ebike?

Yes, 36-volt bikes are enough for beginner riders and for riding on flat roads. Most electric bikes come with a 36-volt battery. It is cheaper and lighter compared to a 48-volt battery.

The basic 36-volt batteries offer 250 watts for their battery, which means you can travel up to 18–28 miles per hour. 36-volt bikes are preferred and well-liked by beginner riders as they give good power and range and are also affordable.

If you are buying an e-bike for the first time and you are a lightweight person or a beginner, this 36-volt bike is a good option for you as they are good for commuting purposes, and for riding on flat surfaces, they give a good runtime.

How to properly charge a 36v ebike battery?

Factors Affecting Charging Time of an Ebike Battery

1. Ampere charger

The wattage of the chargers determined how long the battery would take to charge. If you use a low-ampere charger, it will take more time to charge the e-bike battery and vice versa. A high-ampere charger reduces the charging time but damages the battery in the long run.

2. Battery quality

Use a good, branded lithium-ion battery to increase the lifespan of your battery and, hence, your e-bike. Lithium-ion batteries take less time to charge, are lightweight, provide good power, and increase the performance of electric bikes.

3. The extreme temperature of the battery

Ebike batteries are made using lithium which can work under extreme temperatures, but it is advisable not to charge them at extreme temperatures as it affects the charging time and reduces the battery lifespan.

4. Charging states (20% or 50%)

The charging state also affects the charging time of an e-bike battery. When a battery is fully depleted, it takes more time to charge. But when a battery is partially charged at 50%, it takes less time to charge.

5. Battery capacity

The capacity of the battery also determines how much time it will take to charge. If you use a 3 amp charger to charge 36v 12 Ah and 36v 20Ah respectively. The charging time would vary as 12Ah would take around 4 hours and 20Ah would take around 6 hours.

It means it will take more time to charge a 20Ah battery with a 3Amp charger and vice versa.

36v E-Bike Battery Charging Tips to Increase Battery Life

Once you start following the below-mentioned ebike charging tips, your ebike battery efficiency would increase, and your battery life too.

1. Don’t overcharge

Don’t keep your battery on a charger for a long time. Only charge how much the battery requires to be charged. If you keep your battery on the charger for a longer time, it affects the charging cycle of the battery and damages it. Use a timer to remind you of the battery charging time.

2. First-time charging

When you are charging your e-bike battery for the first time, it is recommended that you charge it for a longer period of time, about 11 to 12 hours. This longer charging ensures that every cell is getting enough current flow.

3. Regular charging 

Don’t let your e-bike battery be completely depleted, as it will affect its life. Most e-bikes’ batteries work best if you charge them after every use of the bike. Charge the battery when it is partially depleted or between 30% and 60%.

4. Temperature conditions

Don’t use electric bikes in extreme temperature conditions and don’t charge the battery in extreme temperatures as it affects the battery’s lifespan. Just like how riders prefer moderate temperatures, bikes also prefer moderate temperatures to work.

5. Battery storage

Sometimes you need to store a battery. In such conditions, don’t make a mistake by storing a fully empty battery, as it is not a healthy habit for a battery. If you have to store a battery, charge it at least 40% to 50% before storing it.

Conclusion: 36v Ebike Battery Charging Time

The charging time of the electric bike depends on several factors, such as the amps of the charger, the capacity and size of the battery, and the current temperature. On average, a 36v ebike battery charging time is somewhere around 4 to 6 hours.

Also, 36-volt e-bikes are preferred by beginner riders because they are lightweight and provide great speed. It is recommended to charge the lithium-ion battery after every ride (but not when heated) and take care of your battery to increase its lifespan.

Follow all the charging tips discussed above to ensure a long-lasting battery.

FAQs: 36v Ebike Battery Charging Time

  • How long does a 36v battery last on a single charge?

    36v battery comes with various AH. Most 36-volt batteries come with 12ah which is 432 WH capacity. So, a 36v 12ah battery would last somewhere around 40 km or 25 miles.

  • Is it Ok to charge the ebike battery overnight?

    Charging an ebike battery overnight means overcharging. Therefore, we don’t recommend it. You should be alert while charging an ebike battery as it is a very cautious process. Also, lithium-ion batteries are very powerful when fully charged, they may explode if reached extreme temperature levels.

  • Should I charge my ebike battery after every ride?

    Yes, You should charge your ebike battery after every ride as it prepares you for the next ride. But you need to switch off the battery before charging it and also take care of the battery temperature. If it’s heated much, wait for a few hours and then charge it.

  • Should I charge an ebike battery 100 percent?

    No! You should not charge your ebike battery to 100 percent, It’s not needed. If you do so, it will take a lot of time. And your battery and the charger will be heated, affecting the battery’s performance & life. Charging an ebike battery to 80-90 percent is enough.

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