Why is my Rad Power Bike Charger Not Working? Answered!

Rad Power bikes are one of the top-rated ebike in the US and UK. But still, you may experience issues with your Rad Power bike charger not working due to some potential reasons.

The most common possibility is that the charger is damaged internally, which can be fixed by replacing it with a new one. If the problem is more complex, you may need to take your bike for repairs.

You have landed on the right page as we have discussed the most common reasons for the ebike charger not working and How to fix that charging issue.

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Common Reasons for Rad Power Bike Charger Not Working

We have found a number of suspected reasons which may cause the Rad Power bike charger not to charge the battery.

1. Damaged Charger

damaged ebike charger

In most cases, chargers are found to be internally damaged when any ebikes charger is not working such as a faulty charging cable, adapter, or damaged input/output port. If there is a fault in the charging cable, it causes a not changing issue.

So make sure to check whether the charger is faulty. Also, check if the cable is plugged securely into the charger and the battery.

2. Charger’s Outlet

wall socket may be damaged

If there is no issue found in the charger, you should check with the charger’s outlet (power plug) where the charger is receiving electricity to supply the battery.

Because sometimes, the power plug and socket are damaged from the inside, preventing power from reaching the charger. This can be the very simple reasons for rad power charger not working.

3. Due to Dead or Drained Ebike Battery

dead ebike battery

If your ebike battery is dead, the charger may be unable to revive it through charging because it does not recognize the battery. So try to connect the charger with another battery to check if the charger is the issue or the battery.

If the battery is the problem, you should take it to the technician for repair or replace it if required.

4. Issue with the Battery

damaged ebike battery or broken fuse

If your charger is working fine with another battery, there is a possibility that there might be some issue with your ebike battery. Damaged input ports, damaged fuse, or drained battery can be the major issues when your ebike battery is not being charged with the charger.

These were the few possible reasons which may cause your Rad power bike charger not working issue. Try to check these out if you face any ebike chargers, not working problems.

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What If the Rad Power Battery Not Holding a Charge

There is a possibility that your ebike charger is charging the battery but the battery is not holding the charge. Why is it so?

It is due to sulfation. Basically, it means the accumulation of sulfur gas on the battery’s plates when sulfur gas is released which causes the battery to stop. There is a very chance of sulfation in lithium-ion batteries.

Here are the ways to prevent battery sulfation:

1. Keep your ebike battery clean

Keeping your ebike battery clean is one of the basic battery maintenance tips which increases the shelf-life. Try cleaning your battery with mild soap and water solution to prevent sulfation if your ebike has a lead-acid battery. Lithium-ion batteries are anti-sulfated. But you must keep them cleaned too.

2. Keep your ebike battery charged and avoid overcharging

This is one of the best practices that every ebike user should follow. Always keep your battery level at least 30% so that charger easily recognizes the battery while charging it.

Also, don’t overcharge the battery which may damage the charger as well as the battery may catch fire when overcharged. So avoid it.

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What to do if the Rad Power Bike Battery Not Charging

If the charger is not the issue, there is a possibility that the battery has got some problems. We recommend starting with this list of reminders before moving on to more complex issues.

  1. Check if the battery key is in the ON position. If it’s not ON the charging level light will not show up.
  2. Make sure to check if the power socket (wall outlet) is working. Try connecting the charger with another wall outlet.
  3. The best-recommended temperature of the ebike battery is between 10°C to 25°C. So don’t charge if your battery’s temperature is below 10°C or above 25°C.
  4. Avoid charging the battery immediately after a ride because the battery is hot and doesn’t work properly.
  5. Make sure to check if any charger’s wire or code has some loose connections.
  6. Don’t charge the Rad Power ebike battery for more than 6 hours. Avoid overcharging otherwise it may get damaged or explodes.
  7. Being a Rad Power bike user, always charge your ebike with the charger provided by Rad Power Bikes.

If still, the problem persists, try to connect with the brand’s customer care for fixing this issue. They would definitely help you out to get this issue fixed.

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Most Common Mistakes While Installing an Ebike Charger

People often may make mistakes while installing an ebike charger is not properly connecting the charger to the battery which stops the power supply.

Another mistake might be not using the correct power rating charger. If the charger is not compatible with the ebike battery, it won’t charge the battery.

So always make sure to charge your Rad Power ebike battery with the correct power rating charger and also connect the wire code properly.

How to Fix Rad Power Bike Charger not Working Problem

If your Rad power ebike charger is not working, you need to:

  1. Inspect if the power source (wall socket) is in working condition.
  2. Make sure to check the battery connection and power supply cord.
  3. Check if the battery is properly connected to the charger.
  4. Also, check the fuse inside the battery is working or not.

If none of the above works, try to get the charger repaired or replace it with a new one if not repaired. If the battery has a problem, try connecting to the Rad Power customer care support. They will definitely fix the issue.

I hope your Rad Power Bike Charger not charging issue has been fixed after reading this guide. Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

FAQs: Why is my Ebike Charger Not Working

  • How do I know if my Rad Power Bike is charging?

    There are two lights on the Rad Power bikes chargers i.e., red and green. When the charger is connected to the battery and the power is on, one of the lights turns red. It means the charger is working properly and charging the battery.

  • How do I know if my Rad Power Bike battery is fully charged?

    One of the lights on the charger turns green as well you can also check it on the battery’s power indicator. Plug out the charger when the battery is fully charged (turns green).

  • How to test the Rad Power Bike battery charger?

    Plug the charger with the power socket and connect it to the battery input. Turn on the switch and check whether the charger’s red light illuminates. If yes! The charger is working properly.

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