What Size Battery for a 350W Electric Bike? A Complete Size Guide

Today, when the whole agenda of riding an ebike is to offer an eco-friendly, convenient, and comfortable way to commute. However, electric bike battery voltage size can be a hassle when converting your normal bike to an electric one.

We are going to highlight the same and clarify the possible queries that you might face as a prominent rider while deciding what size battery for a 350w ebike motor.

Along with that, there are a few other doubts that almost all ebike users or riders have like the amount of power you would need to run a 350w e-bike, and whether you can use another e-bike’s battery or not.

We have already talked about battery size for a 250w ebike and today we are going to talk about the same and also cover the frequently asked questions that rookie riders and even professional riders have while selecting a battery for a 350-watt electric bike.

What is a 350-Watt Electric Bike?

350 ebike meaning

An electric bike with a 350 watts motor is known as a 350w ebike. There are two types of motors in such bikes i.e., Mid-drive motor and Hub motor.

It’s basically a placement of the motor in an ebike. If the motor is placed at the crank in the ebike, it’s called a mid-drive motor. And when the motor is placed at the front-rear wheel’ hub, it is known as a hub motor.

An ebike with a 350w mid-drive motor is faster and provides a balanced ride than a 350w hub motor. Therefore, a 350w mid-drive ebike motor needs a powerful battery. Let’s see what battery size is perfect for a 350w ebike.

What Size Battery for a 350w Ebike? Voltage and AH

what size battery for 350w ebike motor

An ebike with a 350-watt motor needs at least 350-watt input power from the battery. So you should select an ebike battery that is capable enough for providing at least 350 watts in an hour.

After doing a lot of research and experiments, we have got the correct battery voltage and AH for a 350w ebike motor. So the first thing you must consider is the voltage rating of the motor should match the battery’s voltage.

Mostly 350-watt ebike motors have 36v ratings, so these motors should only be paired with a 36v battery with 10 to 15 Ah. A 36v 10Ah battery would provide less range as compared to 36v 15Ah.

Well, It’s very rare to find a 350w ebike motor with a 48v rating. Still, if you find such a case, you should go with a 48v battery with 10-12 Ah. Don’t go with a heavy battery, it will increase the cost and weight of the bike.

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What if nothing is mentioned on the ebike motor? Always pair your 350w electric bike with a 36v 12Ah lithium battery i.e., 432Wh, which is capable enough for providing a minimum distance of around 30 miles on a single charge.

However, This range may vary on the basis of many factors which are going to be discussed later in this article. So always consider those factors as well. If you want more range, conder increasing the battery’s AH instead of voltage.

How Much Power Does a 350w Ebike Need?

350w ebike hub motor power

Generally, a 350-watt electric bike motor needs at least input power of 350 watts from the battery. However, there are many more factors to consider other than the apparent motor size and battery voltage when trying to find the perfect battery size for a 350w electric bike.

These factors are the rider’s weight, and what trail you are going to ride on along with that you also have to take into consideration what is the average speed that you want to attain.

What most riders focus on is the voltage of the battery they will need to drive their motor size whereas the other factors are quite neglected. It is important to state that the rider’s weight and what you want your average speed to be are equally important to evaluate.

Hence, let’s see what role these factors play in determining the perfect battery size for your 350w e-bike.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Ebike Battery Size [Voltage & AH]

factors affecting ebike  battery voltage and AH

1. Battery voltage

what voltage for 350w ebike motor

The very first method of choosing the correct battery size is deciding upon the voltage of the battery. The minimum electrical current needed to drive a 350w motor is 10 Ah, hence when you divide these two values the voltage range you get is the apt one for your 350w e-bike, here that is 35V.

However, among the variety of batteries available in the market i.e. 24V, 36V, 48V. So, for a 350w ebike motor, a battery of 36V is a perfect fit.

Important Note: During this process of voltage calculations, riders must remember that the voltage of their e-bike battery must match the voltage range of their motor. In another case, it might lead to overheating and damage to your e-bike motor.

2. Riding weight

What most riders overlook in the process of choosing the best battery size for their e-bike is the riding weight. Here, the riding weight implies the rider’s weight plus the gears and other added weights that a rider usually has on them.

When you are using a comparatively low-powered e-bike like a 350W, it is important to know the balance. One of the best solutions to overcome this issue is to either be mindful of the weight you are putting on or modify your battery size to a larger one (48v battery) if you are bound to carry heavier weights (delivery guys).

This is one of the reasons most riders face a decline in speed and they mostly blame it on the battery performance.

3. Trail speed

Generally, the average speed of a 350-watt e-bike is 20 mph to 25 mph. However, the speed might alter or vary from one trail to another trail. For example, when you are riding on a mountainous track, a 350W-powered e-bike might not be as efficient as it could be on a plain track.

Well, a 350w electric bike motor is not suitable for trails but still, if you have got such type of motor, opt for a higher voltage battery i.e., 48v. Because your motor would consume more power on such surfaces.

4. E-Bike’s weight

Lastly, the structure of the ebike plays an important role when you are finding the correct battery size for your 350W e-bike. What riders need to keep in mind is the size of the bike and accordingly, choose the voltage of the battery.

If your e-bike has a larger and lighter body frame then the suggested voltage of a 36V battery will work the best. On the contrary, if you have a comparatively smaller and heavier body frame then, you must look for modifications and a higher voltage e-bike battery.

These were the few factors that every rider must take into consideration that not only helps them choose the perfect battery size for a 350-watt electric bike but also saves their bike components from damage.

We are quite positive that following these processes would always help you get the correct battery size (voltage & Amp-hours).

Apart from these, get a one-on-one talk with the manufacturer of your e-bike about what battery to use in terms of composition (i.e. lithium-ion, lead-acid, NimH, etc.)

Can You Use a 500w Battery With a 350w Motor?

As we have stated above as well in this article, you may need to play along with the voltage and capacity of your e-bike according to the various factors. Under such similar conditions, you might need to raise the voltage of the battery.

So, Is it safe to use a 500W e-bike battery for your 350W e-bike? Well, you can do this. However, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  • The battery’s voltage should be compatible with a 350w e-bike’s voltage.
  • The battery should not be drained with an unbearable amount of amperage.
  • The motor, controller, and overall structure of the e-bike must assist a higher voltage battery.
  • Will the higher wattage battery keep the electrical components of your e-bike intact or not?

Moreover, another great way of altering the size of the battery for your 350w e-bike is by increasing the capacity or the AMP-HOURS (results in an increase in range) of the battery rather than increasing voltage.

Does Battery Type Affect The Battery Size Choice? Advantages & Disadvantages

Battery TypeAdvantagesDisadvantagesBattery Size
Lithium-IonHigh Energy Density.
Longer Range.
Low-Power Draining.
Not suited for extreme temperatures.
Require circuit protection and maintenance.
You can easily go for a lightweight and compact battery, that will still give a decent range.
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)Potential For Higher Density.
Quite Easy To Recharge.
Good alternative To Lithium-Ion.
Comparatively Expensive.
Often Self Discharge.
Slowly charge time.
You can very easily go with a battery pack of 36V to 48V, which is also perfect for your 350W e-bike.
Lead Acid BatteriesInexpensive.
High Power Output Capacity.
Can Handle High Resistance.
Low In Energy.
Slow Charging.
Voltage Sag.
You would need to go for a physically larger battery in order to store the same amount of energy. This also makes everything heavier.

Conclusion on What Voltage Battery in a 350w Ebike

The battery size of an e-bike is indeed one of the crucial components for any rider. It is also one such part of your e-bike that stresses you down. Therefore, you must use the correct battery voltage & Ah which do not harm your ebike motor.

You should neither select a low-power battery that is not capable enough for a 350w ebike nor a high-power battery that affects the motor performance.

A 36v 10.4Ah, 36v 12 Ah, and 36v 15Ah lithium battery are perfect for an electric bike with a 350-watt motor. You must also check with the motor voltage because some motors may need 48 volts, so go with that.

I hope you have got the right battery size for your 350w ebike. It was our best intention to bring forward the best ways by which you can choose the potential battery size for your 350W e-bike.

If you have any doubts as us in the comment section below! Keep Riding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is 350W power enough to drive your e-bike?

The answer is yes. You can very easily cruise up to a speed of 25mph on plain roads on your 350W e-bike. However, on rugged trails, you could face some voltage sagging.

Q2. What size battery will take my 350w e-bike furthest?

Taking into consideration the average of various factors, a 36V 10 Ah battery size will assist your 350w e-bike during long rides (around 20-30 miles) the best. If you want more range then go with a 36V 15 Ah battery. The higher the AH, the higher will be the range.

Q3. Can I increase the battery size of my 350w e-bike for mountain rides?

Yes, in fact, most riders who tend to enjoy a lighter 350w e-bike often modify it accordingly if they want to do mountain biking at times. Go with a 350w mid-drive motor if you primarily buying an ebike for mountain biking as it provides more acceleration and torque.

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