What Size Battery for Your 1000-Watt E-Bike? Learn how to Calculate the Correct Battery Voltage & AH

Are you brainstorming on what size battery for 1000w ebike? Is it a tedious task for you and you aren’t able to calculate the correct voltage and AH of the battery pack for your 1000w electric bike?

Are you not sure of the factors to consider while choosing the perfect battery for 1000 watts ebike motors?

No problem, this article on choosing the right electric bike battery size will help you solve all your worries with some extra information that will assist you like a friend while opting for the correct battery voltage for your 1000w ebike.

Firstly, let’s get the basics straight.

What Does a 1000-Watt E-Bike Mean?

1000w ebike meaning and features

A thousand-watt electric bike indicates the strength and power of the motor of an E-bike. Higher wattage is a simple and clear indication of a higher power & torque which further results in higher speed in no time. A 1000-watt equals 1 kilowatt.

How fast can a 1000w ebike go?

A 1000-watt E-bike offers an amazing speed of approx. 35 mph on ground level (miles per hour) which is as swift as a car on a highway. The added bonus is, a 1000-watt E-bike can easily pick up speed on irregular terrains with ease.

A 1000w motor is a brushless DC motor that is extremely efficient, provides good power and torque, and doesn’t make much noise. This speed would be achieved only when the bike is paired with the correct size battery.

What Size Battery for 1000w Ebike? (Correct Voltage & AH)

correct battery voltage for 1000w ebike

The size of the battery isn’t the structural length and breadth but the voltage and amp hours it’s made up of. We have simplified this thumb rule while choosing the battery for a 1000w electric bike.

A 1000-watt E-bike battery would take up a minimum power of 1000 watts in an hour. Generally, most such bikes need a 48v 20 Ah battery pack to do the job, which is around 960 Watt-hours. However, in order to get the extreme out of your E-bike battery you may choose a 52-volt battery pack with 20Ah.

Also, the battery size depends upon multiple factors such as distance to be covered, speed and type of surface on which the bike will move, the weight of the rider, etc. We will be discussing these factors later in this article.

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How to calculate the correct battery size for a 1000w Ebike?

By correct battery size we mean the battery in line with the motor that helps realize the full potential of your E-bike with respect to the speed and power.

Therefore, Battery Watt hours play the most important role in deciding how many miles (distance) can your E-bike go, the energy needed, and the power delivered.

As I have already mentioned that your 1000w ebike motor needs a power of at least 1000 watts from the battery for excellent performance. In order to calculate the WH of a battery, just multiply the battery’s voltage by the AH of the battery.

ebike battery's watt hour calculation

Usually, the motor has a Prewritten Voltage demand upon its motor. If the required voltage of the motor is mentioned as 48v, then divide 1000w by 48v which gives you 20.83 Ah. So select an AH which is nearest to this value i.e., 20AH. Hence, A 48v 20Ah battery is perfect for a 1000w ebike motor.

You may find some ebike motors where the required voltage is not mentioned, What to do then? Don’t worry! You already know that you need a 1000w battery for excellent performance from the bike.

Generally, A 1000-watt E-bike needs a minimum 48v battery. It’s equally important to consider the Amp hours of a battery which is an indication of the capacity of a battery.

Higher Ah of a battery implies higher storage of energy and longer riding experience. We would recommend you go with a 48-volt 20Ah or 48v 22Ah battery for a 1000-watt E-bike. If your 1000w motor supports 52 volts, go with a 52v 20Ah battery to unleash the performance.

What happens if you choose a battery with less capacity?

If you go with lower watts, the bike will run but it would not perform well, you would experience voltage sagging, heating problem and experience less speed because the battery is not capable of providing 1000 watts of power.

Also, A lower capacity ebike battery will discharge early when paired with a 1000w motor. Under a low-capacity battery, you should opt for an ebike that is designed to work with lesser voltage and amp hours. Because a higher wattage ebike with a low-capacity battery pack is a total misfit.

What happens when you choose a battery with more capacity?

The capacity of the battery is the energy that a battery can provide which clearly means the higher the capacity, the higher the energy. So a 1000-watt ebike motor needs 1000 watts battery pack for excellent performance.

Batteries with higher capacity need more space for installation which will pull down the speed due to unnecessary weight. Also, higher capacity batteries may not be used to their full potential, one must choose according to the need.

Battery with greater capacity provides greater intensity which can sometimes damage different parts of electronics. Bigger capacity also means a higher cost of installation and maintenance. Also the charging cost for such batteries increases.

Therefore, We do not recommend going with a higher-capacity battery unless you are into long-distance riding or your purpose allows it.

Factors Affecting Battery Size for a 1000 Watt Ebike

Is your ebike not performing well despite considering all mathematical equations? There are a vast number of factors that affect the speed of an ebike. These are discussed below:

1. Battery voltage

Voltage, also known as electric tension or electric pressure is the electric potential difference between any two given points. Electric potential is the difference in charge between the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

Usually, all brands mention the required voltage on their E-bike motor depending upon the configuration and watts. However, it’s possible your E-bike doesn’t mention the required voltage, in this case, you will have to determine the voltage required by your 1000-watt ebike by dividing power by the current required.

For example: Power = 1000 watts; Current needed = 20amp

Voltage = 1000/ 20 = 50v

It's a clear conclusion that a battery with 1000 watts of the motor needs approx. 50V to perform under ideal conditions. So you can go with a 48v or 52v battery pack. Know more about 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack.

2. Battery capacity (Ah) 

Electricity is generated due to electrochemical reactions in the battery which is expressed in ampere-hours.

The Amp hours of a battery speak of its capacity of holding the current.

A 1000-watt motor of an E-bike will need around 20 Ah battery with 48 volts. As you increase the AH, the range would increase and vice versa.

3. Controller capacity

An e-bike controller connects all the electrical parts of an E-bike together – the battery, motor, display panels, throttle, sensors, and everything that falls under the line of electricity. It determines the maximum current output to the motor.

The best trick is to take the capacity of the controller equivalent to the battery’s Ah. For a 1000-watt E-bike battery, a capacity of 20-25 amps will be suitable.

4. Rider’s weight 

The weight of the rider is crucial when deciding on the battery for a 1000-watt ebike as it exerts pressure, curbs performance, and hinders speed. If your weight is somewhere between 80 to 100 kg consider buying a battery with 25 amp hours.

5. Place of riding 

A 1000-watt E-bike can perform equally well on plain roads and sloppy terrains provided it has a battery pack of 48v 20Ah. In case of steeper inclinations choose 25 Ah in your battery pack.

6. Other factors 

Your battery pack must have a long cycle life of approximately 1000 cycles so that it’s economical in your pocket. It should have an excellent performance on safety and should be UL certified, heat and water-resistant.

How to Take Care of an E-Bike Battery?

  • In order to make a battery last longer, keep the charge always above 25%.
  • It’s best if your battery is able to show up the charge percentage, in case the battery exceeds the limit you should immediately remove it from power, and in case of the battery goes lower than the prescribed limit suck in the electric power.
  • The temperature in which your E-bike works makes a lot of difference. An electric bike cannot be made to heat up or freeze down. Always find parking or any safe place because either of the extreme conditions can cut your battery life by 10-15 %.
  • The pick-up in an electric vehicle is instantaneous. You should therefore keep an eye on the accelerator. This will prevent large initial current discharge from the battery.
  • In case the electricity supply isn’t stable, consider buying a voltage stabilizer. A sudden inflow of current can damage your bike’s battery to a great extent leading to short circuits.
  • Use a good, branded charger specially designed for your 1000-watt E-bike battery so that it charges swiftly and safely.
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Final Words: Correct Battery Voltage for Your 1000w Ebike

When choosing the battery for your 1000-watt ebike, always consider the voltage, amp hours, combination of batteries (lithium-ion or acid lead), the terrain you have to ride upon, your weight, etc.

A 1000-watt i.e., 48v 20Ah battery on a 1000w ebike will serve your purpose very well even if you have to move on an inclined surface.

I hope you have got your answer! If you have any doubts, write us in the comment below. Also, share this article on your social handles with your biker community. Keep riding, Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much time is needed to charge a 1000-watt E-bike to its full capacity?

The charging of the battery depends upon the size of the battery and the charger amp but it generally takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge your beast.

Q2. What’s the general cost of an ebike battery?

A battery is the most important and expensive part of your E-bike after the motor, it primarily depends upon the voltage, amp hours, combination, etc. But would cost you around $ 500 to $ 900.

Q3. What’s the lifespan of an E-bike battery?

Under proper care and maintenance, an E-bike battery can easily last somewhere between 3 to 5 years.

Q4. How many miles can a 48v 20 Ah battery last?

A battery with 48v 20Ah means a power of 960 hours which can easily last for 35 to 48 miles considering the surface you are riding upon.

Q5. What size battery for a 350w electric bike?

An electric bike with a 350w motor is very much suitable for commuting in cities therefore, such an ebike needs around 350 watts of power. Therefore, 36-volt batteries are perfect for a 350w ebike.

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