How to Fix Rad Power Bike Throttle Not Working? Try these Troubleshooting Steps!

Rad Power bikes are among the most popular ebike brands in the USA, US, EU, and many countries because their electric bikes are of top quality, certified with UL2849, and offer excellent performance.

However, you may experience your Rad Power bike throttle not working issue and this may occur due to electrical or mechanical problems with your ebike.

Let’s know the reasons why the ebike throttle stops responding and how you can fix such kind of issue.

Common Reasons for Rad Power Bike Throttle Not Working

Reasons for Rad Power Bike Throttle Not Working

Electric bikes with throttle mode are amazing as it allows you to ride the bike as you ride your motorbike or electric scooter making it a perfect option for senior citizens. It means you don’t need to pedal the bike when you are using throttle mode.

But sometimes, this ebike throttle stops working completely, responds intermittently, or sometimes it is stuck or jammed. But why this situation occurs and what are their main causes? Let’s discuss this.

1. Electrical Issues

Ebike throttle operates with the help of battery power, with some programming with the controller and the motor. If any internal device is faulty, it cause the ebike throttle negatively. As per my experience, I have found the following causes for such reasons:

  • Loose connections: If the connection between the Rad power bike throttle, controller, and the motor is loose then it may cause your throttle to work intermittently. Check the connector or joints if they are firmly connected.
  • Faulty wiring: It is quite rare, but you or someone else may have mistakenly connected the wires with the wrong ends, resulting in the complete malfunction of your Rad Power bike throttle. You need to check this too.
  • Battery-related problems: This is one of the primary reasons which may cause your Rad Power ebike throttle to malfunction. When the battery is not adequately charged, it fails to supply power to the throttle and controller, resulting in the issue of the e-bike throttle not responding.

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2. Mechanical Issues

It means your throttle has some physical problem such as it is stuck in between or you are not able to press or twist the throttle. This problem may occur due to:

  • Throttle grip malfunction: If your throttle grip has worn out over time or due to the falling off your ebike, you would not be able to press or twist it. In this case, you need to replace it.
  • Damaged throttle cable: The throttle is a very little device that is connected to the controller with 3-5 wires if any wire is damaged from the inside, it can cause your Rad power bike throttle to not work at all.
  • Faulty controller and throttle: The last cause can be the main device i.e., the throttle itself or the controller. If either of these components is faulty, your throttle will not work at all.

These are the common causes for the problem of your Rad Power e-bike throttle not working. Therefore, the solution is straightforward: identify the actual cause and proceed with fixing the issue.

How to Fix Rad Power Ebike Throttle Not Working Issue Quickly

How to Fix Rad Power Ebike Throttle Not Working Issue

Let’s start fixing the ebike throttle not working issue by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Performing basic checks and troubleshooting

The very step to perform basic checks when your Rad Power bike throttle not working because most of the time your battery charge level, some damage inside the throttle, or wire breakage are the main culprit. So when you do some basic checks, you would save your precious time.

First, You should check the battery power level & its connection. Then, Inspect the throttle grip for any physical damage from inside or outside. And also examine the throttle cable connection with the controller as well as check for any wiring damage.

Step 2: Resolving electrical issues

Once you are done with the basic inspections, you haven’t found any fault there. The next step is to check the wiring of the ebike throttle by reconnecting the loose connections, if you find any faulty or damaged wiring then replace it. And finally, check if your Rad Power throttle is responding.

Step 3. Addressing mechanical issues

If your ebike throttle is still unresponsive after performing the above steps, There is a 90% chance that your Rad Power ebike has some mechanical damage with the throttle itself or with the controller.

Simply take out the throttle and connect it to another ebike and check it’s working. If it’s not working, you should get a new one (replace the old one). Apply the same process with your ebike controller, if you find the controller to be faulty then, reset it otherwise you can purchase a new one too.

Advanced Troubleshooting (If basic fixes don’t work)

  1. If all the above-mentioned steps didn’t work for you, worry not! You can go to an expert for further assistance as they are experienced, and they would fix this issue very easily.
  2. You should contact Rad Power bikes customer support if the local mechanic could not fix this issue.
  3. Sometimes utilizing online resources like Youtube videos, blog articles, and forums for guidance can be useful too.

Watch this video to troubleshoot your Rad Power electric bike throttle or pedal assist not working!

How to Replace Throttle on Rad Power Bike?

Repairing an ebike throttle is very time-consuming and not worthy. It’s better to replace the throttle on your Rad Power bike if it is broken or faulty. Follow the below steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the battery to keep yourself safe.
  • Step 2: Take the throttle cable from the controller and unplug it.
  • Step 3: Loosen the screws or bolts on the old throttle and remove it.
  • Step 4: Connect the throttle cable to the controller, turn the battery power on, and Test if the throttle is working properly. If it’s working, follow the next step.
  • Step 5: Secure the new throttle in place by tightening the nuts or bolts.
Note: If you are not sure what to do, refer to the bike's manual or seek help from a professional.

Conclusion on Rad Power Ebike Throttle Not Working

I hope you have learned the reasons behind your Rad Power bike throttle not working issue i.e., it could be due to electrical or mechanical problems. You can resolve this problem by basic checks and troubleshooting, addressing wiring issues, and testing the throttle and controller.

If these don’t work, Seek professional assistance or contact Rad Power Bikes customer support for further assistance. When replacing the throttle, prioritize safety and refer to the bike’s manual or seek expert help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is my throttle not working on my rad power eBike?

If your throttle is not working on your Rad Power bike, it could be due to a loose or disconnected throttle cable between the controller and motor, faulty wiring, or battery-related issues. To solve this issue, first, examine the cable connections and wiring, and if the issue persists, tighten the loose cables or attached the new one if it is damaged. Read this detailed troubleshooting guide to know more.

Q2. What are the problems with rad e-bikes?

You might be thinking why is my Rad Power ebike not working and what are the reasons? Yes, the Rad Power bikes do have some issues such as the Rad Power bike not turning ON, the Rad Power bike pedal assist not working, the throttle not working, motor and battery-related issues, etc.

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