Why is My Electric Bike Display Not Working? | Know the Expert Tips and Troubleshooting Guide

Electric bikes are the advanced version of normal bicycles as they are equipped with electric components such as batteries, motors, controllers and ebike displays, etc. If any of these parts stops working, your ride may get affected.

Ebike display plays a crucial role in your ebike because it conveys important information regarding the internal functioning of your e-bike. So when the electric bike display not working properly, it’s like your commuter isn’t communicating with you.

You must have heard, “What the eyes observe is what the brain perceives”. Why I’m saying this? when the ebike display stops working, you won’t know the battery level, speed, distance you have covered, etc, and your ride and bike gets affected negatively.

So the main question is why does ebike display stop working? There are several reasons for this cause (mentioned below). Good News! I have found some easy solutions to fix the problem of ebike display not turning on.

Let’s now dive into the topic.

What Information Does an Ebike Display Show?

The electric bike display shows the necessary functions of an e-bike and its current situation such as:

  • Current battery percentage,
  • The current speed of your e-bike,
  • The distance you have covered,
  • Single trip distance,
  • Pedal assist level,
  • Time & date,
  • Some displays can be paired with your phone.
  • Displays have GPS systems too, and
  • Your average speed etc.

9 Possible Reasons Why Electric Bike Display Not Working

ebike display not turning on

While there are various reasons why your e-bike display might not be working, the most common is a low battery or no power supply to the display. Other possible reasons are also discussed below:

1. Uncharged or Dead battery

This should be the first thing you must be checking when your display vanishes. When your battery is dead or not charged there’s an absence of current flow to the display panel making it impossible to show the present situation of your e-bike.

Always remember to check if your battery has enough power to supply the entire ebike system whenever your ebike display don’t show anything. So charge your 

2. Wire issues

The next possible cause can be the broken or lose wire as the multiple wires make up the ebike display. There are around 6 wires involved, even if one or two wires are detached, loose, or broken, the display won’t work. Make sure to check the connection of wires to the display.

3. Cracked or broken parts of connector: 

The wires are merged into the display via connectors. If the teeth of the connectors aren’t fixed well or if any of them is broken, your display won’t show any information.

4. Controller malfunctioning

The controller is crucial in producing results on the screen. The bike can be turned on/off, accelerate, and broken under the supervision of a controller. If the ebike controller doesn’t work efficiently, the display will be hampered.

5. Impaired switches

The power switch is fixed on the throttle and the display screen too has different keys to adjust, and turn on / off the screen. Impairment in any of these switches or keys can malfunction the display of the e-bike. Make sure to check this thing too.

6. Short circuit or blown fuse

Overheating can disturb the ions in the battery and the wires might spark due to high temperatures causing a blown fuse in ebike battery. In such a case, no power will be supplied to the display.

7. Defective IC or screen

There can be a case when the internal configuration of your bike’s screen isn’t optimal. The screen may be broken or the computerization may be defective.

8. Problem with Battery Management System (BMS)

BMS is considered as the brain of an ebike battery, So a Poor BMS will hinder the proper functioning and display panel of an e-bike. It can cause errors in telling you the current performance of an e-bike.

9. Sensory issues

As the name implies, when your e-bike is unable to sense your performance, it won’t display the results. You might be commuting tens of km without displaying the results.

The aforementioned points are potential causes that can affect an ebike display not working. In the event that your ebike display is not functioning, it is highly likely that you will discover the root cause to be one of the reasons mentioned above. Let’s learn how to fix this problem.

How to Fix Electric Bike Display Problems Easily?

While there are a wide array of problems as to why you can’t see numbers and indications on your bike, there are simple solutions to fix the issue ebike display not working.

1. Charge the electric bike battery

First and foremost, plug in your e-bike battery and just don’t remove it until fully charged. If your bike’s battery was in a dead state it might take more than the usual recharge time.

In case, your e-bike battery doesn’t show the level of charge, you can use a voltmeter that will show the amount of current inflow. Once your ebike battery is charged, the display will show information if it was not working due to battery level.

Note: Do not charge your battery to 100%, it will increase the degradation process and reduce the battery’s health. So how much to charge the battery, it is recommended to charge your ebike battery to 80% only.

2. Reset the electric bike display

At times, the display can be made viable by simply resetting it. Firstly, you should reset the bike computer by tapping and holding the power and function controls together for at least 6 seconds.

If the display lights up, your problem is fixed. If this method doesn’t work, try resetting the connectors. Disconnect all the connectors and then connect again.

3. Inspect Battery Management System (BMS)

Sometimes, the battery BMS causes the ebike display not to function properly. So check if the battery management system is working properly by taking our your battery and attcaching it to an ebike with the same configuration.

If the display turns on, it means your battery BMS is working fine. Or if the display didn’t turn on, the BMS is likely to faulty and you need to reset it or need to replaced (if needed). 

4. Correct electrical faults

I have already mentioned above that your ebike display may not work due to loose wire connections, broken connectors, blown fuse or IC, etc. If you find any of these issues, correct those connections by repairing or replacing them. Hope, this process will solve the problem.

5. Inspect the ebike controller

After going through the above points, still your electric bike display not turning on, you should check the controller and it’s connections. Take out the controller and attach it to an ebike with the same configuration check whether it’s letting to turn on the ebike display or not.

If you are able to turn on the ebike display properly with the same controller it means the controller is fine and the display is the main fault. You should replace it with a new one.

Fixing the Ebike Display Issues Mechanically

Fixing the Ebike Display Issues

If gentle fixtures don’t work, you will have to use tools to rectify the issue. For this, you will need the following:

  • Screwdriver set for opening the ebike components.
  • Soldering iron kit for attaching or modifying the wires with the connectors.
  • Some wire connectors for connecting the wires.

Step 1: Repair electrical faults

Electrical faults are the most common issue in such a case. You should try to check on multiple wires that connect to the display panel for instance the motor, battery, throttle, etc. If there’s a problem with the connector or connections on any end, even if it’s just one wire, you have to connect or change it in case of fault.

You may check the controller that’s mounted close to the BMS. You can remove the faceplate screw to detach the controller from internal machinery after which you should disconnect all the wires, replace the faulty connector and reconnect it again.

Step 2: Change components

Some components are detected from the very beginning or overused. Even if you fix the problem, it’s likely to reoccur so it’s better to completely remove such components. Another fatal issue is from the end of a controller which usually is an expensive part, so instead of replacing it entirely, you can use MOSFETs.

In this case, you need to check the input and output voltage before mounting new MOSFETs and the resistance proposed by them, usually 6 or more in number are used. 

You then need to remove the controller case and extract the circuit. Cut the old MOSFETs using a needle nose plier. After which you should fix new MOSFETs followed by soldering.

Step 3: Replace the display

There is usually no solution if the IC or screen is defective. You will have to change the entire display panel. Purchase any computer that fits your budget (branded one), type of e-bike, display requirements, connectivity, sensors, and so on.

Remove the old one, attach the new one and check if that’s working fine.

Why Does My Ebike Display Keep Turning Off?

Ebike Display Keep Turning Off

Your ebike display turns off frequently. This problem is faced by most ebike riders and it confuses them while riding the ebike. If you find yourself facing this issue, fear not!

Here are some common causes of why the ebike display keeps turning off and provided with practical solutions to get it up and running again.

I have outlined several typical reasons behind the frequent turning off of an ebike display, along with practical solutions to rectify the issue and restore its functionality.

  • Due to an uncharged battery: It may happen when the battery does not have enough power, loose connection, or is not charged adequately. Do charge your ebike battery and reconnect it for further troubleshooting.
  • Inspect display connections: The ebike display is connected to many wires. You may find some loose or faulty connections that can cause the ebike display to unexpectedly shut down. If you find any issues, gently reseat the connections or replace damaged cables as I personally do the same.
  • Check for software updates: Just like any other electronic device, ebike displays also receive software updates to make them work better and fix any problems. You should also check if there are any updates for your ebike display model by visiting the manufacturer’s website or contacting their customer support.
  • Consider environmental factors: Extreme heat or rain can affect your ebike display’s electronic parts and make them not work properly. If you often ride in tough weather, protect your display by using a special cover or waterproof materials designed for ebike displays. They will keep your display safe from rain and other bad weather.
  • Seek professional assistance: If you’ve tried everything mentioned before and your ebike display is still turning off frequently, it might be a good idea to ask for help from a professional. Local bike shops or authorized service centers often have experienced technicians who specialize in electric bikes. They can figure out what’s wrong with your display and give you advice or fix it for you.

Wrapping Up on Ebike Display Not Turning On

The electric bike display issue isn’t a very big issue but has a psychological impact on the rider. It shouldn’t be ignored in the long run and simple tricks as I have mentioned earlier must be applied.

If you have any problem in fixing the issue, you can always check with the professionals. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a motor inhibitor affect my e-bike display?

Press and release the brakes on your bike many times to see if the display enlightens. The motor inhibitor might be affected if the display turns off every time you engage the brake. In this case, you should replace your bike’s brake motor inhibitors.

How do I know if my ebike controller is bad?

If your electric bike controller is not working properly, you may experience several issues or symptoms including power failure, inconsistent power delivery, error codes or warning lights, non-responsive controls, overheating and environmental factors. If you face any of these issues, read this quick-fixing guide on ebike controller problems.

What is a negative display in an e-bike?

Negative mode LCD means that the information shows up in light colors while the background is dark. It isn’t usually recommended as it drains the battery faster.

How do I reset my ebike display?

To reset your ebike display, you need to find a special button on it called “reset.” Press and hold that button for a little while, like counting to five. Wait for the display to reset itself, and check if the problem is fixed. If you’re not sure, check the instruction manual that came with your ebike.

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