Rad Power Bike Battery Not Charging: Causes & Solution

If your Rad power bike battery not charging, DON’T PANIC! This is one of the most common issues with the majority of electric bikes or any electrically chargeable device.

As an amateur rider, you must be flicking with anxiousness as to why your electric bike battery is not charging. But, there’s nothing to worry about. With simple tips and tricks, your problem will fade away with a snap of the fingers.

As we have already solved the Aventon bike battery not charging issue in our previous article.

Note that you can always go to or contact the Rad power bikes service center in case your problem doesn’t fix with my advice.

If you realize there’s a fuse, I would recommend you not to try hands fixing the battery and only let an experienced mechanic do his job.

Let’s start with the fundamentals of ebike batteries.

The Battery on a Rad Power Electric Bike

A battery is an electrically charged device that stores energy for the optimal operation of a motor. Electrical energy is created by a chemical reaction between lithium and ion (most commonly used ) in a battery pack. The battery is the powerhouse that differentiates a traditional bicycle from an e-bike.

Learn more about lithium-ion batteries of electric bikes.

If you want to learn more about ebike batteries, read our comprehensive guide on electric bike batteries.

What are the two types of batteries on a Rad Power bike? 

semi integrated vs standard battery on rad power bikes

Before fixing the issue, you must know the battery type mounted on your bike. The two types of batteries you would find on your rad power bike are:

  • Semi-integrated battery: This type of battery isn’t packed inside the frame completely rather it is partly visible and partly hidden. You will find the key on the frame and not on the battery.
  • Standard battery: A standard battery on a Rad power bike can be removed easily as it’s mounted on the top of the frame. The battery has a key if one wants to remove it.

Causes & Fixes for Rad Power Bike Battery Not Charging Issue

Every problem is backed by some reasons, below mentioned are the common reasons for your rad bike battery not charging issue along with the fixing guide.

Cause 1: Bad wall outlet

Are you sure your wall outlet is in a good working position? Everything might be alright with your bike and battery but the outlet may not be receiving power or won’t be able to connect with the charger.

The wall outlet is the source of electricity for charging your ebike battery. If it is not working or supplying power, your ebike battery would not charge for sure. It might be due to an incompatibility between the charger’s amp hour and the outlet’s amp hours.

How to fix this issue: In this case, use another device and plugin and check if the outlet is working. If working, then your charger or battery has some issues or if not working, then connect the same device with another socket (wall outlet) that is not damaged.

Cause 2: Incompatible or Damaged charger

The second possible reason for your ebike bike battery not charging can be an incompatible (wrong) charger or a damaged charger. The charger plays a very important role in charging your battery.

How to fix this issue: Never charge your battery with the wrong (other bike) charger as it can damage the battery internally so always charge your Rad power bike battery with an original charger.

Also, make sure to check your charger is not damaged from the inside otherwise, it would supply power to the battery and affect charging.

Cause 3: Loose connections

One of the most common reasons for this issue is loose connections. Your charging wire may not be firmly connected or your battery connector (port) has become loose which is not tightly connected to the charger as a result your rad bike is not charging.

Solution: Make sure all the ends are connected tightly for proper flow of current. If any of the ends isn’t sealed well, the charge will be disrupted.

Cause 4: Extreme Temperature (Too hot or cold)

If your Rad powe bike battery is too hot or too cold, charging may hamper. Because the battery has a BMS which stops receiving power when the battery has an extreme temperature.

Solution: If your ebike battery is not charging, make sure to check the temperature of the battery. The optimal temperature for charging your e-bike battery is between 50 °F–77 °F (10 °C–25 °C).

Cause 5: Charging immediately after the ride

An ebike that’s just been ridden has a heated battery. As told earlier, an ebike battery won’t charge if the temperature is soaring high. So you might be charging your battery just after a ride. Never do that!

Solution: You may plug in your battery right away but It will take some time to begin charging. So it’s better to charge your battery after 30 minutes i.e., when your battery’s temperature will be normal.

Cause 6: Faulty BMS

Battaer management system (BMS) is the brain of a battery. If it’s not working properly, it stops receiving or supplying power as a result battery charging is hampered.

How you can fix this issue: The only solution for this problem is to reset the battery. Modern batteries have a reset button but the old batteries don’t have such buttons. Read this guide to reset the battery BMS manually.

Cause 7: Battery in ship mode

Do you know? When any of the electrical equipment is transported, the battery is set into ship mode so that the product doesn’t get power otherwise it might become a hazard to life and property while in transit. Your Rad Power battery might be in shipping mode if it’s not charging.

What you should do: You just need to press the power button for at least 3 seconds to exit ship mode. If it’s not, read the user’s manual or contact customer support for further assistance.

Conclusion on Rad Bike Battery Not Charging

A Rad power ebike comes in a variety of options, which can be used by beginners to professionals, from adults to kids.

There’s no need to panic if your rad power bike battery not charging. Try any of the strategies explained above, I am sure it will fix your problem. In case the problem persists, it’s always best to take help from professionals.

Have a happy, safe, and fully charged ride!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What do lights on the Rad bike charger indicate?

The lights on a Rad charger indicate the level of power contained in a battery.  
You will find either the red light or the green light. A strong red light indicates that the battery is being charged with the proper flow of currents. Whereas, a strong green light indicates that the battery is fully charged and it’s time to remove the charger.

Q2. What could be the issue if my ebike charger displays green lights but the battery shows no indication of charging?

This looks like a fuse in your ebike battery is damaged. You can get your battery fuse replaced as it’s an inexpensive product and the problem can be fixed within no time. However, this is recommended only for standard batteries that can be removed from the frame completely. In the case of semi-integrated batteries, there is potential for harm.

Q3. What to do if my ebike battery shows flickering green lights after charging, and they quickly turn off?

It may be because you haven’t turned your key to the ‘ON‘ position. Once you do so, recheck your battery by pressing the charge level button, the problem will be resolved.

Q4. Why is my Rad Power Bike not charging?

There could be several reasons for your Rad Power Bike battery not charging. Some common issues include faulty chargers, damaged battery connectors, outdated firmware, dead batteries, faulty BMS, etc. You must check each of these possibilities to diagnose and resolve the problem or contact support.

Q5. How do I know my Rad Power Bike battery is dead?

If your Rad Power Bike battery is dead, it won’t show any indication of charging, and the battery light may not turn on when you plug in the charger. You may hear a tick-tick sound when you try to operate your ebike. Here is a detailed guide to reviving your dead ebike battery.

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