How to Fix Bosch Ebike Battery Not Charging Issue?

Bosch is one of the best-selling ebikes in the US & UK because of their quality and services. Being an electric device or a machine, it may also have some issues such as the Boch Ebike Battery Not Charging, the display not working, the throttle not working, and so on.

It is very disheartening when you face your ebike battery not charging issue. Very frustrating! Isn’t it?

Don’t worry about this issue! Because this blog will fix the issue of any ebike not charging.

You know there are several reasons for your ebike battery not getting charged. For those reasons, you will be provided with a bunch of solutions too within this blog.

This would cover additional points of taking good care of the battery to maintain the overall performance. Without any ado, let us dive deep into the blog and fix your problem of the Bosch Ebike battery not charging.

Why is Bosch Ebike Battery Not Charging?

reasons for Bosch Ebike Battery Not Charging

A Bosch battery may not charge due to several reasons one of which could be a damaged battery. This was only one, let us delve into other problems too, and understand them in a better way.

1. When the charger is damaged

This is the most common reason a battery will not get charged when the charger itself is damaged. You won’t be able to get the electric energy into the bike and that’s the reason it will not get charged. There are several ways your charger could be detected as a damaged one.

  • When the indicator does not blink or does not behave the way it used to when put to charge.
  • There are visible damages on the charger’s wire.
  • Your charger may be damaged internally, try to charge the battery with another charger if it charges, the charger is damaged.

These are the three most common ways you can detect a damaged charger. Learn more about why your ebike charger is not working.

2. When the battery has been damaged

The second reason can be when the battery is damaged or the battery’s lifespan has ended. Now, with this, there are quite a few reasons your battery could be damaged. Some of these are:

  • Overcharging the battery may cause overheating and the battery’s fuse is damaged or lifespan reduced in the longer run.
  • When the battery has not been charged for a long time, it becomes DEAD! The battery never charges unless it is revived. That’s usually the way most people treat the battery.

3. When the circuits inside the BMS are damaged

Inside the battery and the battery management system, there are very intricate circuits that make the management system work. There is a potential for the battery to get damaged when those circuits get damaged. If it happens, the ebike battery doesn’t charge.

Fixing Your Bosch Ebike Battery Not Charging Issue

After understanding the ways that could be responsible for not letting the battery get charged, let us understand how to fix the charging issue!

1. Check the power source

Make sure it is switched on and plugged into the working outlet. To make sure you do not have any fault in the power source, you can try using different sources and check if it is the battery or the power source.

2. Verify the charger connection

Often it happens that the charger is not properly connected and hence it is not getting charged. It can occur due to the dirt. Due to dirt and debris, sometimes the passage of charging gets a little blocked which leads to the battery not getting charged. Make sure to clean the passages and charging port very carefully.

3. Reset the battery management system

BMS of Bosch battery repairing

Resetting the system helps most of the time when the battery does not get charged or is not behaving properly. It resets the temporary glitches that occur in the battery.

4. Check for software updates

Updating the software often addresses charging-related bugs and those kinds of issues. Watch for the software update because this could be one of the most efficient ways to fix charging-related issues.

5. Consult a professional

After you have tried and tested everything and nothing seems to work, it is always advisable in this case to consult a professional or the manufacturer. They are the most knowledgeable when it comes to batteries and bikes and they will be able to help you in the best ways possible.

How to Replace Bosch Ebike Battery if Damaged?

replacing bosch ebike battery

After you have tried and tested everything and consulted a professional by which you got to know that your battery has been damaged, there is a 100% chance that you would need to replace the e-bike battery.

Read this Ebike battery battery buying guide, this will help you get the perfect battery for your Bosch electric bike.

Now, it is again advised to let the professionals deal with this but if you want to take matters into your own hands, there are a few steps listed. Following this you will be able to replace the damaged battery of your Bosch e-bike.

1. Determine the correct battery model

First things first, determine the correct battery size (model). This is as necessary as anything. We already know batteries are the heart of e-bikes and replacing a damaged heart with an incorrect heart will be the same. So, you need to determine the correct model first.

2. Obtain (Buy) a new battery

Buy a new battery from a trusted source. The same battery that you decided is the best for your e-bike.

3. Finally, replace the battery by following the process:

  1. Power off the e-bike, This is the number one step when it comes to replacing batteries or attaching new ones.
  2. Locate where the battery is, and observe how it is attached. If possible take a picture for future reference.
  3. Remove the old battery using a key or a lever. Carefully detach it from the mount and then set it aside.
  4. Install the new battery. Carefully align the battery with the mount or the connector. Ensure the fitting carefully. Make sure it is connected in the right way and fits the same way as the old battery.
  5. Now power on the e-bike to check if the work is done! You should be done here mostly.

In case you have any problems even after this you NEED to consult the manufacturers and get your e-bike diagnosed.

Bosch Electric Bike Battery Charging Tips

To ensure optimal performance and that too in the LONG run, follow these charging tips to take care of your Bosch e-bike battery!

1. Use the original charger

We often make the mistake of charging the battery with whatever charger we want. This is a very big mistake and should be avoided at all costs. This practice damages the battery in the long run and is not advisable at all!

2. Follow the charging instructions in the manual

When you purchase the bike and the battery, you always get a manual for literally all things. From installation to charging you get all the steps. Refer to that when charging your battery.

3. Avoid extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures tend to disturb the battery by enabling chemical reactions in the battery. These chemical reactions damage the battery overall.

4. Avoid overcharging

NEVER overcharge the battery. This is very common and is one of the worst ways to affect the battery.  Often while charging a battery, we leave it even after it is fully charged. This affects the battery very much in the long run. So, avoid it at all costs.

5. Don’t charge the battery just after the ride

Because the battery’s temperature is high just after the ride. You should wait for some time so that the battery’s temperature comes to normal.

These are 5 easy and simple, yet very important tips when it comes to charging a battery. So always follow if you don’t want to face the Bosch ebike battery not charging issue.

Conclusion: Bosch Ebike Battery Not Charging

We need to handle and maintain electronic components properly. They demand to be taken care of from time to time. Battery being an electric gadget too demands the same.

There are some non-negotiables when it comes to these electric gadgets. We have covered the details in the blog very extensively. After reading this there are very few chances of you having a problem.

There are some common FAQs when it comes to fixing the bosch ebike battery not working issue, that has been covered too. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment for me to get back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. My Bosch e-bike battery charges very slowly, is it normal?

This is normal to some extent because the batteries lose their efficiency over time which can lead to slow charging. But if it is very slow then there must be some problem with it. You should surely contact the manufacturer and consult.

Q2. What should I do when my Bosch e-bike battery gets wet, Will it damage the battery?

Getting your battery wet in the rain or something can lead to battery damage. You should immediately disconnect the battery from the e-bike and then wipe it off dry. Avoid charging the wet battery at all costs as it can cause a lot of damage. Allow it to dry completely and then use it further.

Q3. What should I do if my Bosch ebike battery charger not working?

Check the connections properly. See if the power is switched on and the charger is connected properly or not. Also, make sure that the charger is compatible with the battery model. If after all these, the problem remains, try using a different compatible charger or consult the manufacturer.

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