Nakto Electric Bike Battery Not Charging: Causes & How to Fix

Imagine that you are all geared up for an exhilarating ride on your Nakto Electric Bike, only to discover that your battery stubbornly refuses to charge up. Well, don’t let a drained battery put a halt to your adventures on two wheels.

Rather understand the reasons behind a non-charging battery as your first step toward a solution. Do you need thermal protection? Is your charger faulty? How can you find minor to major glitches?

In this article, we’ll help you explore the Nakto electric bike battery not charging phenomenon and guide you through the troubleshooting process.

Be it the common issues like loose connections and faulty chargers to more complicated issues like battery aging and power loss, we have a comprehensive guide that will take charge and fix the issues yourself.

Common Causes of Nakto Electric Bike Battery Not Charging

causes for nakto ebike not charging

When your Nakto electric bike battery decides to go on a charging strike, it is high time to dive into the reasons behind its rebellion to provide practical solutions.

Various factors may disrupt your Nakto ebike battery not charging issue such as a corroded battery connection or defective battery cells. There are additional causes and issues you must be aware of.

Hence let’s get into the depth and find possible causes along with solutions.

Issue 1: Loose Or Damaged Battery Connections

This is one of the most common culprits, often hidden in plain sight of the riders. A loose or damaged battery connection is a seemingly minute and often overlooked component.

However, it plays a very significant role, and an issue disrupts the whole flow of electricity and prevents your battery from receiving the charge it needs to keep your e-bike moving.

We found the same issue when we experienced our Bosch ebike battery not charging.

Issue 2: Faulty Charger Or Charging Cable

Understanding the importance of a reliable charger and charging cable is key to maintaining a healthy battery life. A faulty charger or cable is a major hurdle for your Nakto e-bike’s battery performance.

While facing a non-charging battery, it can fail to provide the necessary voltage or current, leading to an incomplete charging cycle. Moreover, a faulty charger possesses short circuits, which cause damage to your battery and further interrupt the charging process.

Learn how to fix a damaged charger.

Issue 3: Battery Overheating & Thermal Protection

Even though overheating of the battery doesn’t completely halt the charging process of your Nakto e-bike battery, it does negatively affect the ability to charge effectively.

This happens because lithium-ion batteries are quite sensitive to heat, and the thermal protection stops after a certain point of heat threshold.

Once the battery is overheated, it activates the cooling process, allowing it to dissipate heat and return to a safe temperature range. This brings a break into the charging process.

Issue 4: Battery Drainage & Power Loss

Battery drainage and power loss mean failure to hold the charge or discharges rapidly during rides. Factors like extended periods of inactivity, faulty battery management systems (BMS), or improper storage can cause the same and affect the charging patterns of your e-bike battery.

Issue 5: Battery Aging & Capacity Reduction

This natural consequence takes place gradually and significantly affects the battery charging performance. So it works when a battery starts aging, its chemical composition changes, leading to the overall decline of the battery capacity.

I too discovered the same problem with the Aventon Ebike when its battery was not charging at all.

So these were some of the major driving causes why your Nakto electric bike’s battery is causing charging issues or has stopped charging. Now, let’s fix this issue with some simple tips & tricks.

Nakto Electric Bike Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Battery Not Charging Issue

In the previous section, we discussed the causes; now, let’s get straight into answering the “how to fix” part and provide some simple, uncomplicated, and effective solutions to these battery problems.

Additionally, to ensure the solutions are comprehensive and easy to follow, we have noted them in pointers.

Solution 1: How to Solve Loose Or Damaged Battery Connections?

  • Disconnect your Nakto e-bike and switch its power off.
  • Check for corrosion or dirt within the terminals and connectors, followed by a deep cleaning using a soft rag or brush.
  • Next, if you identify any loose connection or lack of tightness of the battery connections, use appropriate tools like a wrench or a pair of pliers. Make sure you don’t overtighten yet make a secure, tight connection.
  • Additionally, for any damaged, broken, or corroded connections, refer to your local Nakto e-bike manufacturer for professional assistance.
  • That’s it; make a snug fit, reattach the battery to your e-bike clean, and tighten it.

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Solution 2: How to Fix a Faulty Charger Or Charging Cable

  • Spot any visible damage in the charger or the charging cable. These could be anything like frayed wires or bent connectors.
  • Moreover, you can use compressed air or a soft brush if you happen to find any debris or dirt in your Nakto electric bike’s charger port upon inspection.
  • Another way to deal with it to make sure that the problem lies within your charger or the cable is by trying on another compatible charger or the charging cable. And if it charges with it, then replace your previous faulty one.
  • However, if the issue doesn’t lie with the charger and the cable, we advise you to consult professionals.
Read our comprehensive guide to fix your damaged ebike charger.

Solution 3: Fixing Battery Overheating & Provide Thermal Protection

  • If your lithium-ion battery feels excessively hot while touching, then first disconnect it from the charger allowing it to cool down, and give your battery some time to reach a safe temperature.
  • Allow for proper ventilation during the charging process with ample airflow by ensuring no obstruction in the charging area.
  • Avoid using a low-quality charger or one incompatible with it since it causes overheating.
  • Even after following these steps, if you are still facing overheating issues, then get the thermal protection system from your manufacturer.

Solution 4: Minimizing Battery Drainage and Power Loss

  • Do not leave your Nakto electric bike battery charged up to its full capacity for an extended time period since it experiences power loss. Rather stick to regular full cycles of charging ( charge up to 80 percent).
  • Monitor any kind of unusual charge level drainage and make significant notes. These could be anything that causes quick power depletion, software upgrade needs, faulty components, or incompatible accessories.

Solution 5: Quick Fixing an Old Battery & Capacity Reduction

  • Avoid experiencing capacity loss by following the proper charging process and storing it correctly.
  • Along with that, once you have ensured the capacity reduction solutions refer to exploring battery replacements and upgrading your aged battery for a new one. Make sure to replace it with a brand-suggested one.
Read our comprehensive guide for ebike battery replacement guide.

Tips to Avoid Battery Drainage and Power Loss

Knowing the issues and the diagnosis behind your Nakto ebike battery not charging is good, but how about sticking to the age-old phrase “precaution over solution”? Sounds great to us!

So let’s see some of the best tips from our fellow Nakto e-bike owners to follow to avoid drainage and power loss:

  • Utilise power assist modes judiciously, opting a moderate power assist levels.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the tire pressure.
  • Minimize the riding weight by removing the unnecessary gears.
  • Use appropriate gearing combinations for different riding conditions.
  • Don’t store the uncharged battery for a long period of time.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Nakto Electric Bike Battery

nakto ebike riding tips

Now that you have acquired all the knowledge about the issues and the adjacent solution of the Nakto electric bike battery not charging, it is time to aim at extending the lifespan of your e-bike and ensuring a life-lasting enjoyment of thrilling rides.

Here’s how you can achieve that!

1. Proper charging practices

A key to an extended lifespan of your Nakto electric bike battery is maintaining proper charging practices such as avoiding partial charging cycles, not charging the battery when extremely heated, and following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

2. Optimal storage conditions

If you are someone who takes your Nakto e-bike out for a ride just on the weekends, then ensure you store it properly away from the sunlight, in a cool and dry place, and maintain the battery capacity at 50%.

3. Regular maintenance

One of the easiest ways to ensure an extended lifespan of your e-bike battery is by doing a periodic checkup of its conditions and doing maintenance. For example, keeping it clean and free from debris and corrosion.

4. Temperature considerations

Most of the e-bike batteries are damaged due to the temperature extremes. Both excessive heat and cold lead to rapid degradation of the battery capacity, which impacts the performance negatively. Sometimes the battery may catch fire.

5. Avoiding deep discharge

This is something every e-bike owner should follow religiously. You must swear not to drain your battery charge below 20 to 30 % capacity. If the battery is deeply discharged, battery capacity creates a major imbalance in lithium-ion batteries’ performance and your battery may become dead.

7. Optimise your riding habits

One of the best ways to keep your e-bike battery lasting multiple years is by being mindful of power consumption. Not straining with major and often uphill rides, maintaining smooth acceleration, and moderate speed are some ways you can adapt to optimizing your riding habits.

8. Firmware and software updates

Ultimately, being up-to-date with the software updates provided by the manufacturer for your Nakto is a great way of keeping your e-bike in check and extending its lifespan since these upgrades include optimization and improvements.

Conclusion: Nakto Ebike Battery Not Charging

Understanding the common causes of a Nakto electric bike battery not charging and knowing how to fix them is essential for maintaining a reliable and efficient electric biking experience.

However, following this article’s troubleshooting steps and solutions, you can diagnose and address these issues effectively.

Whether it’s tightening connections, replacing faulty components, providing thermal protection, minimizing power drain, or considering battery replacement, each solution addresses a specific aspect of the charging process.

With proper care and maintenance, we hope you can ensure that your Nakto Electric Bike battery charges smoothly, providing extended ride times and uninterrupted biking adventures.

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